Zero Waste Events

Zero Waste Events

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Wow – since we launched our annual Zero Waste Days in 2021, together we’ve diverted a whopping 14+ tonnes of electronics waste from going to the landfill!

Held in partnership with the Burlington Centre,  Tech Genius Burlington Inc, and the Burlington Repair Cafe, we host two single-day events in May and October at the Burlington Centre’s convenient parking area to accept computer and cell phone electronics ( see accepted items listing further below).

Discover further below how you can further grow the impact of these events by organizing collections with your networks!

There’s more. A series of Terracycle Zero Waste bins are also on site to accept more unique waste items not currently accepted in Halton Region’s recycling program. 

Pesky candy wrappers, Brita water filters, reusable plastic containers and lids and used PPE can be dropped off, along with batteries and ink cartridges.

Details on the list of what can typically be dropped off is available further below.

Repair Cafe too!

Volunteers from the Burlington Repair Cafe are on hand (10 am to 2 pm) as well to help fix small broken or damaged household items avoiding items being sent to the landfill.
PLEASE NOTE: advance registration is required for the Burlington Repair Cafe service. Please contact them directly in advance of the event here.

List of Accepted Electronics/Appliances:

  • Consumer Electronics (gaming consoles, iPods etc.)
  • Computers (PC & Mac, monitors. parts, motherboards)
  • Handheld devices (smartphones, cell phones, tablets etc.)
  • Phone systems, racks & miscellaneous (server racks, lab equipment, disc arrays etc.)
  • Printers (Inkjet & Laserjet, plotters, copiers, scanners, fax machines etc.)
  • Peripherals (keyboards, mice, CD/DVD roms, cards, speakers, accessories, etc.)
  • Servers (rackmount, stand-alone, all brands etc.)
  • Software (operating system, editing, design etc.)
  • Specialty Items (Cisco networking, switches, routers etc.)
  • Personal appliances ex: electric toothbrushes or razors
  • TVs (not heavyweight)
  • Microwaves
  • Coffee makers or other small home appliances


You can help increase the impact of our Zero Waste Drop-Off events by collecting electronic and other select waste items from your business, school, organization, neighbourhood, community/faith  group, and delivering it to us on our event days

Here are the details:

  1. Decide what you’ll collect (see the list of electronic and other accepted items above) 

  2. Determine when and where you’ll collect items – perhaps at a convenient drop-off location on specific dates.

  3. Promote your collection to your networks- see sample messaging below.

  4. Arrange delivery of the items to our Zero Waste Drop-Off events held at the Burlington Centre Mall in the Spring and Fall.

  5. Remember to thank your participants, maybe with a photo at the Drop-Off event to post on social media, tagging BurlingtonGreen!

Sample promotional message for your e-waste collection:

I’m collecting electronic waste for BurlingtonGreen’s Zero Waste Drop-Off event this Spring (or Fall). Bring me your ‘stuff’ and I’ll deliver it to the event where all items will be repurposed or properly recycled/disposed of.

Together we can help the environment while raising much-needed funds for a cleaner, greener Burlington through the community work of BurlingtonGreen. 

Contact us to learn more about this opportunity.


Saturday, May 25th
Saturday, October 19th

Electronics Drop off: 10 am to 4 pm

Repair Cafe Hours: 10 am to 2 pm
(NOTE: there is limited space for the repair cafe service AND advance registration is required. Please contact the Burlington Repair Cafe team directly in advance of the event here.)



Please note that the size of the items to self-deposit must fit within an 8″ square opening.


Nitrile and latex gloves, dust masks, garments, hairnets, beard nets, earplugs, and safety glasses.


Individual candy wrappers, cookie wrappers, snack bags, multi-pack snack bags, and family-size snack bags.


Brita and small-size air-purifier filters.


Wallet-sized flexible plastic material, usually meant for the purpose of identification or for facilitating commercial transactions.


Non-rechargeable, spent alkaline batteries used in portable electronic devices.
Do NOT deposit rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, or any battery used to power a device not classified as a portable electronic device.

Discover more zero-waste tips and resources to Live Green and Make the Switch.

BurlingtonGreen graciously thanks the following for their support of these events:

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