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Launched on our 15th anniversary ( November 21, 2022), we are forever grateful to all Time Is Now campaign supporters listed below for helping to make our essential work possible. Together we make an impactful difference protecting nature and creating a cleaner, greener, more environmentally responsible Burlington. To support our important work, please visit our donation page. For corporate donations and sponsorship opportunities, please contact us and discover the many Ways to Give.

100% of all campaign proceeds directly fund BurlingtonGreen's vital work across our impactful programs and services.


Our lead campaign donors contributing $10,000 -$25,000+ per year

Anonymous Donor
In Memory of Linda McKay 

Dr. Michael and Emily Shih

Community leaders




Gloria Reid
Anonymous Donor
David Datars
Frances Fu
Tom Miceli
RBC Dominion Securities, Burlington
Tandia Financial Credit Union
RBC Burlington Mortgage Group
Matthew Stokes






Brian Ellis
Anne Hendrie
In Memory of Linda McKay from Morrison and Brenda
Tessa Christie
Jenna Rines
(Anonymous donor)
Michelle Bennett
Sharon Clark
David Bour
Robert Bell
Nicole Mark
Erika Minkhorst
Scott Kirby
Chuck Bennett
Gloria Reid in memory of Bonnie Gibbons
Arlene Boers- Paley
Peter Bellm
(Anonymous donor)
Al Barnes & Shirley Coleman
Joanna Sparrow Archibald
Kurt Koster
Robert and Arlene Singer
Norm & Beth Lundquist
(Anonymous donor)
Lisa Bilodeau
Jeff & Leslie Price
Roger Goulet
Susan Garland
Royal Bank Foundation
John R. Seedhouse
Barbara Frensch
In Memory of Leonard Andrew Bil (1967-1983)
In Honour of Gordon and Peggy Sturgeon
In Honour of John Rockx
Leena – Mending the Chasm
Douglas Voth in honour of Jacky Miller
Brian Conner
Maria Adcock
Jignesh Patel
Nicole Conner
Jennifer Lyall
(Anonymous donor)
Duncan Phillips
Karl & Sriti Vanaselja
Thomas and Margaret Hayes




Bill Schnurr
Lawson Hunter
Lynn Robichaud in memory of Linda McKay
Heather Winmill
JP Bastida
(Anonymous donor)
Don Shaw
Joshua Pekar in honour of Bernice Wilson
Jacklyn Andrews
Jane Jenner
Beverly Burton
Caroline Somerville in honour of William Somerville
Christie Milliken
(Anonymous donor)
Agatha Pyrka
Karen Hill
(Anonymous donor)
Luis Rozenszain
Godfrey William Owen
Sara Fairbridge
(Anonymous donor)
Pamela Steggles
Joan Shewchun
(Anonymous donor)
Darlene Duncan
Margaret Schnurr
Kim Thompson
Cathryn Ainslie
Ivy Harrison
Lynn Robichaud in honour of Fleur Storace-Hogan
Ryan Garland
Caroline Somerville
Mark Slater
Leane Toth in honour of Beth Toth
Leane Toth in honour of Diane Scheer
Beverly Kingdon
In Honour of Nathan Medcalf
Melissa Fletcher in honour of Andrea Munro
Kathleen James
One Space at a Time Professional Organizing
In Honour of Gloria Reid:
-Cynthia Chau
-Sharon Clark
-Brian Conner
-Amy Schnurr
-Su Song
Tiffany Harvey
Nick Morrison


And we are very grateful and pleased to recognize our growing list of 2023 supporters:

We work hard to ensure our supporters can be proud and confident in the way we use donations to power our work, and we have measures in place to ensure we are transparent and accountable, such as carefully tracking our sources and use of funds, contracting an annual independent financial audit, and adhering to a privacy policy to respect donor information.

BurlingtonGreen is a Canadian Registered Charity (855745220RR001). The acceptance of funding is done at the sole discretion of BurlingtonGreen Environmental Association.

Donor and Sponsor recognition for funds received is not to be considered nor represented as an endorsement of the contributor’s mandate, policies, services or products.

And thank you to our many, many supporters and partners over the years..