Make the Switch

Make the Switch

Our Make the Switch program focuses on empowering people to adopt more sustainable options so that together, we can help to create a cleaner, greener, more environmentally responsible Burlington.

We’re here to help you switch to more active and low carbon transportation options, link you to resources to help you reduce and conserve energy usage at your home, empower you to adopt a zero-waste focused lifestyle and more!

Explore below to discover how you can Make the Switch and we invite you to  also check out our handy  Live Green resources to help you live, work and play more softly on our one and only planet earth.


Active transportation plays a big role in lowering our carbon footprint and reducing traffic, in addition to reducing healthcare costs. The more people walk and cycle, the less congested our roads become and the lower our transportation costs and healthcare costs are. A key success factor to promoting active transportation is building communities that support an active, healthy lifestyle, such as the 15-minute city concept. Neighbourhoods that are designed to encourage active transportation that is both practical and recreational, and boost main street economy.

Click here to learn more about Burlington’s Integrated Mobility Plan which is designed to provide people of all ages and abilities with more travel choices for things like walking, cycling and transit.

Get inspired! Check out our How do you Get Around? videos:


MAKE THE SWITCH TO public transit

Public transit is at the heart of climate action plans that aim to reduce emissions from the transportation sector. A robust public transit network means shorter commutes, lower travel costs, less congested roads and reduced emissions. As governments increase public transit funding, prioritizing electric buses and expanding electric charging stations will be key to a quicker transition to low carbon transit. Click here for more information about Burlington’s transit services.

Check out our How do you Get Around? videos:



BurlingtonGreen is pleased to  have collaborated with the City of Burlington to develop a community based Electric Mobility Strategy for Burlington.  Given Burlington’s high car ownership and the significant  emissions from the transportation sector, switching to an electric vehicle can make a very large reduction in your environmental footprint. 

Check out our electric vehicle video  and visit our E-Mobility in Burlington page to discover more!


Heat pumps are an exciting  technology that offers green heating options for your home energy needs. Heat pumps extract heat from outside (even on the coldest days) and pump it throughout your home. During warmer months, heat pumps work in reverse to keep your home cool. 

Discover more about this great technology on our heat pump information page.

Learn about various home energy solutions, incentives, loan programs and resources at Better Homes Burlington.

make the switch to a zero-waste lifestyle 

We like to think of low or zero waste as a lifestyle or set of principles that encourage consumption reduction through reusing and recovering materials that would otherwise be sent to recycling facilities or landfills. While it may be difficult to attain a completely zero waste lifestyle, it is indeed possible to attain a minimal waste lifestyle! 

The focus should be on progress, not perfection – it is always better to approach waste reduction as a process, rather than being overwhelmed and in turn do nothing at all. Those small meaningful changes can really add up!

Check out our Zero-Waste & Live Green  resources to help you Make the Switch!

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