Nature-Friendly Burlington

Nature-Friendly Burlington

“Across cultures, humans inherently value nature. The magic of seeing fireflies flickering long into the night is immense. We draw energy and nutrients from nature. We find sources of food, medicine, livelihoods and innovation in nature. Our well-being fundamentally depends on nature.”

 Achim Steiner


Our Nature-Friendly Burlington program connects more of the community to local green space, stewardship opportunities and to a multitude of benefits nature experiences provide.

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Learn. Discover. Care. Protect.

Older Adult Programming!

BG is pleased to provide unique engagements this Fall for older adults in the community, to help make the mental and physical benefits of time in nature easier to access for folks over 55 years of age. 

In addition to providing nature walks for select older adult residence groups, we’re sharing helpful resources, eco-engagements, and artworks with messages of care to 250 older adults in Burlington who are isolated or at risk of becoming isolated. 

Volunteer to make nature-inspired messages and artworks to be shared with vulnerable older adults!

Learn more about this at-home volunteer opportunity for all ages, groups and families to show our care for older adults facing loss of social connections due to Covid.  

We’re also working together with our Youth Network and ArtHouse participants who are making nature-themed artworks and personalized messages to be shared with older adults through Age-Friendly Halton’s Connections Among Generations program. 

We invite you to check out our growing resources for older adults and ways you can participate over the coming months!

September – Window Naturing, BG at the Beach, Fascinating Squirrels here.


BurlingtonGreen is proud to be a founding member and partner of Bird Friendly Hamilton Burlington, a Nature Canada initiative that works to protect birds across the country. 

Thanks to the hard work and passion of the Bird Friendly Hamilton Burlington group, Burlington became the seventh city in Canada to earn the bird friendly city designation.

Two of BurlingtonGreen’s Board Directors have signed up as David Suzuki Butterflyway Ranger volunteers  to help make the Burlington community greener and healthier by establishing habitat for bees and butterflies one fun planting project and community event at a time

Advocate for Nature & Raise Awareness

Be a changemaker in the community and stand up for nature:

  • Reach out to your ward councilor, local MP or MPP about the importance of protecting nature, and why it matters to you. 
  • Delegate to Burlington Council on the importance of continued nature protection by-laws in the community. 
  • Check out our various issue Speak Up campaigns.
  • Share what you know with others in the community. Shed some light on the role that nature plays in mitigating climate change and reducing negative human impacts.
  • Take the time to learn about local nature and how you can support it.

Check out our Events page for upcoming opportunities to connect with, support and learn about nature!

Additional Resources:

We are grateful to the Burlington Foundation’s Pandemic Response Fund and to Nuvo Network for supporting this opportunity.