Our Story

Established in 2007, we are a community-driven, solutions-focused, non-partisan, registered charity.

Through awareness, advocacy and action initiatives, we collaborate with all sectors to advance our mission to protect the environment, mitigate climate change and to create a healthier, more environmentally responsible Burlington.

We primarily operate at the BG Eco-Hub at the popular Burlington Beach, while also providing extensive online resources and in-person programming, services and events throughout the city. 


In November 2007, Burlington resident, Kurt Koster sent a media release to the Burlington Post with an aim to recruit citizens to form a local advocacy group to speak up for the rights of the environment.

A handful of passionate individuals responded to the notice, grassroot efforts took hold, and BurlingtonGreen Environmental Association was born on November 21, 2007. Since that time, our team has grown, welcoming the valuable contributions of many and our work has expanded to keep pace with the increasing demands that come with a city that is reaching its growth capacity.

We are a welcoming, inclusive organization. Our primary team consists of a volunteer Board of Directors, an Executive Director and  program staff, which varies in size depending upon the amount of funds we have to work with.

While we collaborate with the City of Burlington on various projects and initiatives, we are not affiliated with the City itself.  

How We Work

We provide a dedicated voice for the environment to inform and influence public policy. Our work is based on research and a good understanding of the facts, presented with a solution focus.  We collaborate with residents, youth, businesses, organizations, and the government to ensure the rights of the environment are respected.

In addition to our local advocacy work, we make direct and tangible improvements to the local environment through the delivery of a wide variety of impactful programs, events and services. Our 5 year Strategic Plan guides our work. Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held annually and includes a presentation of our latest impact report, audited financials, along with a review of our key mission-focused priorities going forward.


Funding Support

Our work to protect nature, mitigate climate change and make Burlington a cleaner, greener, more environmentally responsible city would not be possible without financial contributions from various individuals, sponsors, and grant agencies that support our vital mission work.

We operate very leanly, spend every dollar wisely and are a registered Canadian charity. The participation and contribution of our many volunteers, along with funding from grants, sponsors and donations from the community, is vital to the strength & sustainability of our organization.

We want supporters to be proud and confident in the way we use donations and have measures in place to ensure we are transparent and accountable, such as careful tracking of our sources and use of funds, a yearly independent financial audit, and a privacy policy to respect our donor information.

To learn how you can become a supporter, please visit our donation page. For corporate donations and sponsorship opportunities please contact our Executive Director.

*The acceptance of funding is done at the sole discretion of the Executive Director & Board of Directors based on a donor review process. Donor and Sponsor recognition for funds received are not to be considered nor represented as an endorsement of the contributor’s mandate, policies, services, or products.