give today for a greener tomorrow

BurlingtonGreen has launched a three-year fundraising campaign to raise $300,000 to power our work to protect and care for local nature and to combat climate change.

There has never been more urgency for action than right now. We all need a stable climate and clean air and water for our survival, for the wildlife we share our home with, and for generations yet to come.


With YOUR help, we will further grow community awareness on priority environmental issues, we’ll amplify your voice for stronger government action, and we will accelerate solutions that collectively contribute to a healthier, more resilient environment, now and for the future. Every dollar received will be invested to work right here in Burlington – a special place that we all value and love. 
Learn more about our impact and the campaign here.


Together, we truly do make a difference.

 We are so pleased to provide a variety of giving options with special recognition benefits.

All campaign donors will be proudly recognized on Our Supporters list(s).
If you would prefer not to be included, an opt out option is available when completing the form below.

If we receive $1000 in donations between November 23 and November 29th (midnight), we will receive a matching gift of $1000 from a community member!