2021 reflected another year of resiliency for BurlingtonGreen with our lean staff capacity and reduced volunteer support tasked to advance our fourth year of important strategic plan priorities.

Despite the significant added challenges experienced throughout 2021 due to the pandemic, our dedicated team forged ahead, collaborating with all sectors of the community, further advancing our mission through various advocacy, awareness and action initiatives as you’ll discover highlighted on this page.

We are truly grateful to the Burlington community and all who participate in and support our work to create lasting and meaningful change here at home.

AWARENESS. ADVOCACY. ACTION.  Together we make a difference.

As stewards of the earth, we have the responsibility to honour and respect the four directions, land, waters, plants, animals, and all of the wonderful elements of creation that exist.

We honour all the First Nation, Métis and Inuit people who have been living on the land since time immemorial and we recognize their leadership in protecting and caring for Mother Earth.

In Burlington, our work with the community takes place within the Treaty Lands and Territory of the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation, represented by Treaty 14 and 19 and on the traditional territories of the Anishinaabeg (Ah-nish-in-nah-beg), Attawandaron (At-tah-wahn-da-ron), Haudenosaunee (Ho-den-oh-sho-nee) and Metis peoples.

We honour these rightful caretakers of this sacred land surrounding the Great Lakes, and we are grateful for their teachings.

We encourage everyone to continually learn from and about the Indigenous community where you live, and how we can each meaningfully honour the calls to action for Truth and Reconciliation.

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our vision

Everyone in Burlington recognizes we are all connected to, and dependent on the environment, and acts on this understanding to ensure a good quality of life and a sustainable future.

our mission

Together with the community, we work to protect the environment, mitigate climate change and create a healthier, more environmentally responsible city.

Together we make a difference.


Engaging with the community to raise awareness on pressing environmental issues is pivotal to our work. In 2021, we continued to offer the majority of our programming in a virtual format. Some of our awareness initiatives are highlighted below.

Online Reach
Youth Empowered

A new website PLUS...

7611 Engagements

6879 Engagements

16325 Profile Visits

16426 New Users

4762 Accounts Reached

Youth TikTok Launched


BG’s Advocacy work is predominantly organized and executed by volunteers including volunteer leadership by our Executive Director. Important, time-sensitive calls to action take place throughout the year and solution-focused submissions regarding various issues are an important part of our strategic work.

Fed Election Campaign
Issues Championed
Climate Hub launched
Rallies Organized

The Burlington Community Climate Action Hub launched in 2021, and is currently hosted by BurlingtonGreen. Volunteers work to introduce and grow a resident-driven, non-partisan community movement focused on local action on climate change.

One example of the Hub’s efforts included a letter to Prime Minister Trudeau while he attended COP26. The letter was published in the Hamilton Spectator, reaching a large local audience.



BurlingtonGreen’s in person group action opportunities were among the most impacted areas of operations due to COVID safety measures and social distancing restrictions in 2021. We successfully adapted various opportunities resulting in many measurable benefits to the health of the local environment.

Lbs e-waste collected
Clean Up Projects
Seed Packets Distributed
NEW event greened
New Zero Waste Station
Volunteer Hours
Bags of Litter Collected
Clean Up Groups

BG Volunteers are the best!

Volunteering with BG changes lives and helps to grow a stronger community of environmental champions.  Some of the valued contributions of our volunteers along with others in the community, were featured via our popular Community Spotlight initiative.

Jane Jenner
Jane JennerVolunteer
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I've always considered myself just an ordinary volunteer, but I must say that volunteering for BG has been an absolute pleasure right from the start. I've always felt valued and appreciated.... It was BurlingtonGreen that really turned on my "green light" and helped me make it shine into the dark corners of our world!
Participating Volunteers


We are tremendously grateful to the various grant funders, community partners, sponsors and donors for their critical contributions and collaborations, powering our important work throughout 2021.  We maximized every dollar received to achieve maximum impact to help the planet, locally.


BurlingtonGreen’s volunteer Board of Directors and staff members comprise a team of talented, passionate, hard-working individuals committed to to making positive change happen here in Burlington. As the implications of climate change and biodiversity loss and other environmental issues, escalate, so too do the demands on our team.  Resiliency, perseverance and a collective determination to advance our important mission work remains paramount to our effectiveness.

2021 financial highlights

BurlingtonGreen was able to navigate a difficult year due to our continued ability to operate impactful programming during the Covid-19 pandemic, thanks in large part due to federal wage and rent subsidy funding support.

Our external auditor is Durward Jones Barkwell & Company LLP, who issued an unmodified opinion on the fiscal year 2021 financial statements. BurlingtonGreen also has a Board Treasurer and active Finance and Audit Committee overseeing and guiding our financial planning, monitoring and reporting.

Further financial details are available on our charity’s profile on the CRA website.

2021 Expenses: $357,567
2021 Revenue: $368,534

Our ‘Triple A’ approach of awareness, advocacy and action continues to drive our impactful, solutions-focused work all year long.

We had an inspiring video created during 2021 to kick start 2022 with a message of hope with ACTION for the community. The video generated more than 1,500 organic views and reached more than 7,000 people.