BurlingtonGreen 发起了一项为期三年的筹款活动,筹得 $300,000,以支持我们保护和关爱当地自然以及应对气候变化的工作。


With YOUR help, we will further grow community awareness on priority environmental issues, we’ll amplify your voice for stronger government action, and we will accelerate solutions that collectively contribute to a healthier, more resilient environment, now and for the future.

Every dollar received will be invested to work right here in Burlington – a special place that we all value and love. 

We are so pleased to provide a variety of giving options with special recognition benefits, and all donors will be proudly recognized on Our Supporters page. (If you would prefer not to be included, an opt out option is available when completing the form below).

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GOAL: $300,000

raised: $94,358