Let Your Voice Be Heard

 Environmental News, Petitions & Campaigns

There are several groups that regularly run online campaigns and petitions on environmental issues. You can keep abreast of these and other important news at the forefront of the environmental movement by joining their free e-mailing lists. Here are a few...

Also, be sure to add your name to BurlingtonGreen's free monthly Eco-news e-mailing list, if haven't already, to keep up on local environmental news, events, and what BG has been up to lately. Better yet, become a supporting member or sign up to join our volunteer team!

Public Meetings & Rallies

Get out to public meetings, environmental events, and rallies to learn more about the issues, show your support, express your concerns, and be counted. This is what democracy is all about. There's strength in numbers! Just being there helps show public interest.

We'll aim to keep you informed of any events going on that you should know about. Watch our Eco-News e-newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, Events Calendar or website for news of any important upcoming events.