Team Member: Shelby Krochuk


Shelby Krochuk

Environmental Program and Promotions Coordinator

Shelby joined the BurlingtonGreen team in September 2023, where she currently serves as an Environmental Program and Promotions Coordinator. Shelby first got involved with the BurlingtonGreen Youth Network (BGYN) as a volunteer in high school and has always had a strong passion for environmental education and advocacy. After high school, Shelby went on to study environmental management at the University of Guelph.

After completing her degree, Shelby took on green energy research projects and became a solar panel installer and technician. These experiences strengthened her passion for renewable energy and the importance of advancing solutions to mitigate climate change within cities and smaller communities. Her love for nature reinforces her strong belief in prioritizing the protection and restoration of natural areas locally, and globally.

In her role, Shelby aims to empower community members to get excited about helping the environment, providing and promoting opportunities to advance meaningful solutions to make a positive difference for a more sustainable today, and tomorrow.

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