Team Member: Marwa Selim


Marwa Selim

Program Manager

Program Manager 

Marwa’s career has spanned several continents and has exposed Marwa to the unique beauty of various natural settings. Be it the sand dunes of the Middle East or the lush beauty of southern Ontario, nature continues to awe and inspire her.

Marwa moved to southern Ontario in 2015 and after completing her studies in Geographic Information Systems in 2016, she was eager to apply her knowledge to the environmental field. She began volunteering with BurlingtonGreen in the spring of 2016 serving on our Advocacy Team and briefly on our Board of Directors.

Marwa brings her experience in analysis and urban planning along with her passion for sustainable transportation to her current role as Program Manager at BurlingtonGreen.

Climate change continues to be the most pressing challenge of our time, and Marwa’s role is to help break down barriers to enable people to adopt more environmentally responsible behaviours and lifestyles, while shedding a light on successful models and environmentally sustainable solutions.

A passion for protecting the environment and strong analytical skills and mindset continue to drive and motivate Marwa in her work.

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