Team Member: Alison Laurie


Alison Laurie

Program Assistant

Alison is a new Program Assistant for the spring/summer period at BurlingtonGreen. From a young age, Alison has enjoyed spending time camping and being outdoors with her family. Her passion for environmental education and advocacy began in high school and led to her decision to pursue a degree in Environment and Society from McMaster University.

During her time at McMaster, Alison also completed two minors in Sustainability and Community Engagement. These interdisciplinary minors provided her with opportunities to work with peers and community partners from diverse backgrounds and helped to drive her passion for facilitating sustainable community initiatives. One of her favourite projects was planning a community tree planting event for the first stage of planting at the McMaster Carbon Sink Forest.

As a recent graduate, Alison is excited to apply her knowledge to her work at BurlingtonGreen and be able to learn from a group of passionate leaders.

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