Nelson Quarry Expansion

If you had a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve in your community, would you do everything you could to safeguard it? In fact, Burlington’s escarpment is part of the Province of Ontario’s Green Belt AND a Unesco World Biosphere Reserve. It is home to a diversity of species (including the at-risk Jefferson salamander), vital farmland, valuable parklands and conservation areas and important aquifers (water sources).

Is this worth protecting? We think so, and if you do too, we ask you to stand with PERL and CORE Burlington,  non-profit organization of volunteers united to protect the beautiful and biodiverse Mt. Nemo area.

Show your support by ordering a lawn sign from CORE, and email or write to the Mayor and Burlington Council Members to voice your support for the protection of this important area.

Click below to visit the CORE Burlington website to learn more about this issue and opportunities to get involved.

BurlingtonGreen is a non-partisan, solution-focused organization. Together with the community we work to advance our mission to protect the environment, mitigate climate change and create a healthier more environmentally responsible Burlington.