The 8 R’s of Low Waste Living

The 8 R’s of low waste living are all about reducing waste, getting the most out of what we already have, and being creative! These guiding principles are helpful to reflect on before making new purchases in your life. Remember, progress over perfection, and be sure to visit Live Green for more ideas and inspiration!


The best way to have an impact is to refuse “waste” in the first place. What does that mean? It means saying NO. No to items that we don’t really need. No to items that don’t reflect our values. No to items made or packaged with harmful single-use plastics.


Think outside the box. Question your shopping habits. Sometimes we jump to decisions out of impulse and convenience, but a little creativity can not only save money but also reduce negative impacts on the environment.


Reduce your impact by minimizing and using less. Before purchasing, evaluate if it is something you actually need. If you already have one, do you really need another one? Can you make do with what you have?


Use items over and over again. And if you have to replace something, look for options that are reusable.


Compost and keep whatever you can out of the landfill. Consult Halton’s Put Waste in Its Place Tool frequently.


Get creative and find new ways to use your stuff. Upcycling can be a great way to repurpose items and give them a second life.


Always mend and repair first, if you can. This can be a great opportunity to learn a new skill, or support a local business or non-profit. Check to see if there are local Repair Cafes in your area. Visit our Resource page for information about the Sharing Economy.


When all of the above isn’t possible, always remember to recycle! Become familiar with what your region is able to recycle (it might surprise you), and remember that every region is different. Don’t forget about donating, swapping/trading, rehoming, and regifting items you are finished with, so you can cycle items back into the system.

    Be sure to visit our Zero Waste page to learn more about low waste living.