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Kids Go Green Details

Kids Go Green posterWhat is the cost of the program?
The curriculum linked workshops are for children ages 4-12 (grades JK-6) and are available to any school/organized group in Burlington. We require a minimum fee of $100 per workshop to support our program costs. (Based on 25 children @ $4 /each)

How many children can participate in a workshop?
We can accommodate up to 40 children for a single workshop. Additional workshops can be scheduled if you have more children than this.
We encourage schools to consider booking all their JK-6 grades to participate in the program over 1-2 days so that all children can benefit as well as to minimize group leader travel (CO2) to your school.

How long is the workshop?
The workshop length is 60 minutes. We can shorten the program to 40 minutes to accommodate school schedules although the 60-minute program is highly recommended.

What am I required to provide?
All we need is a gathering space (auditorium, classroom, gym, library etc) for our leader to deliver the program. We provide all workshop supplies including the button making materials and teacher challenge handouts as well. Note: for school bookings we request a single location to set up for the day with classes visiting the location for their scheduled workshops versus our leader having to reset the workshop in various classrooms.
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Is there a program follow-up activity?
Step 3 of the program invites you and your students to complete an on-line Kids Go Green Challenge here! to see how many eco-action points students can earn by making pledges for the planet. The challenge can be completed as an individual or as a group. Groups that complete the Go Green Challenge will have their photo taken to post on our Green Wall of Fame to proudly display to others that they are doing their part to take care of the planet locally.

We offer a limited number of workshops per year.

To submit your workshop booking request, please complete and submit the form here

Take the Kids Go Green Challenge here!