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Grow To Give

Since 2012 BurlingtonGreen has been proudly supporting the local community by growing and donating nearly 9000 lbs of fresh produce to support local families in need. 

Grow to Give 2020

Thanks to the Government of Canada’s Emergency Community Support Fund and the Burlington Foundation, this year we responded to COVID-19 by pivoting and expanding our impactful Grow to Give program by gathering a whopping 829 lbs of fresh healthy produce from Burlington gardeners and community members, safely delivering it to local food bank agencies.

While the collection sites are closed for the season, you can continue to donate fresh produce to the Burlington Food Bank all year long. Find out more here                                

grow to give goes virtual

While the 2020 growing season has come to a close, we know that there is always something to do in the world of gardening. From cleaning up the garden for the winter, to planning for the next season, to ordering seeds and starting seedlings in the spring, gardening never really stops!

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Some exciting topics include:

  • Learn how you can start growing food at home and in the community, no prior experience necessary.
  • Top gardening tips to help maximize your harvest and keep your garden beds healthy.
  • The benefits of gardening for human health, the community and the environment.
  • Virtual tours of the City of Burlington's Community Gardens at Central Park, Maple Park, Francis Road Bikeway, Ireland Park and Amherst Park.
  • The issue of food waste, how you can reduce it and ways you can maximize your food usage at home.
  • Spotlight features on some of Burlington's food security agencies, including how you can give and where you can access services, if you are in need.

Fresh PRODUCE Collection Sites are closed for the season

Our 2020 Grow to Give fresh produce collection sites officially finished for the year at the end of October. Because of your generous donations we were able to deliver 829 lbs of fresh produce to the Burlington Food Bank - WOW!

We know that none of this could be done without your generosity. We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to all of those who donated fresh produce, whether it was from their community garden plot, their personal garden at home, purchasing something extra from local farmers at the farmers market or those who donated food from their grocery shop - THANK YOU!

We would also like to thank the Burlington Centre Lions Head Farmer's Market for including us at the market on Wednesdays. 

And finally, a big thank you to the City of Burlington for welcoming us at the community gardens and allowing us to run this impactful program!

Each donation entered participants into a draw for chance to win a $50 Mountain Equipment Co-op gift card. Congratulations to our lucky winners, Oxana from the Francis Road Bikeway Community Garden and Jaclyn who donated at the farmers market! 

Did you miss our Grow to Give fresh produce collections this year? You can learn more about it as well as what other community groups did in this Take Action Burlington's article, showcasing how Burlington groups and residents gave the gift of food. Together we make a difference.

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The Giving Doesn't Stop - Continue Donating Fresh Produce!



more about Grow to Give  2020

connecting gardeners to Local food banks

The number of families accessing food banks in Burlington is on the rise and the implications of COVID-19 have shed a light on the growing issue of local food security.

With the help of generous local gardeners and community members, we were able to provide local food banks with additional fresh, nutritious produce, that would have otherwise not been donated or potentially gone to waste.  Until this year, only 1 of the 5 City of Burlington community gardens included an organized food donation program.

By setting up fresh produce donation collection sites at 4 of the community gardens and at the farmer's market, we were able to donate 829 lbs of fresh locally grown produce to the Burlington Food Bank.

Burlington is a city that cares! Let's strengthen volunteerism and our culture of giving by sharing our food with those most in need.

While the collection sites are closed for the season, you can continue to donate fresh produce to the Burlington Food Bank all year long. Find out more here.


supporting food security through education & skill-building
G2G School Visit 2018

We aim to build awareness and accessibility, for the broader community as well as those facing food security issues, about the opportunities available in the community for increasing food security.

Are you curious to know how community gardens work? Have you wondered what you could grow at home with limited space? Do you want to learn more about getting involved with food locally? We're covering all of that through our online educational programming! 

Check out our engaging community garden videos at: Central ParkMaple Park and Francis Road Bikeway

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engage & enable the burlington community
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There is a lot of good happening in the community and we want to shed a light on local food agencies that are actively working to keep our city fed.

Learn how you can give throughout the year, and how you can access food during difficult times.

Community Gardens are a great way to get involved in gardening, especially if you do not have the space at home to do so. Learn more about how Burlington community gardens work and how you can apply for a garden plot in the coming year. Visit the City of Burlington website to learn more. 

Starting in July, you can look forward to checking out our Recipe of the Week for simple and healthy recipes featuring our local and in-season produce. 


"If you’ve never experienced the joy of accomplishing more than you can imagine, plant a garden"

-Robert Brault

Thank you to our local gardeners for your generous donations!

Please contact us for more information on how to support our Grow to Give program.

 Community Support Makes a Difference...
  • Each fresh produce donation was lovingly delivered to The Burlington Food Bank.
  • In prior years, the City of Burlington has provided the garden space to us for harvesting - we thank them for their ongoing support of this year's expanded program.

The Grow to Give program is supported by the Government of Canada's Emergency Support Fund and the Burlington Foundation.

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Sponsorship opportunities for the impactful Grow to Give Local Food Network are currently available!

Please contact Sue to learn more about this and other programming opportunities where your company can join us in making a positive difference for the community.