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You can read about our successful past healthy habitat events below.

You can also learn more about past years' work at Beachway here.

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Past Events

You can view photos from previous volunteer events below or on our Facebook page.

2017 healthy habitat events

Burlington's Community Tree Planting events

On most Saturday morning's from April 22nd to June 3rd, the City of Burlington hosted tree planting events in each ward of the City where BG team members and citizens across Burlington, came together to plant a total of 2400 trees (400 trees at 6 locations). Great teamwork! It's a good thing we are coming together to add more trees to Burlington communities as unfortunately we are losing alot of trees due to Emerald Ash Borer. It is also very important that we protect the mature trees located on private properties in Burlington and that is why BurlingtonGreen continues to advocate for a practical, effective tree protection bylaw.  A healthy forest benefits all of us!

2016 Healthy Habitat Events

beachway sign 4BurlingtonGreen's "Green Up" restoration event – Beachway Park 2016

On May 28, 2016, BurlingtonGreen hosted its 6th Green Up event at Beachway Park. About 70 volunteers came out to help plant 4000 plants and grasses and 150 trees and shrubs, to continue our work of prior years restoring and stabilizing the area's fragile dune ecosystem. 25 bags of invasive species were also removed (mainly garlic mustard), and we are seeing less of it coming back each year.

We were also excited to work with our event partners to create and install 3 additional interpretive signs in the area (2 by the pavillion, and 1 much farther north along the Waterfront Trail) to complement last years' sign and explain to the public the importance of protecting the dune environment. Several other small signs were also installed asking people to please keep off the dunes.

 gu 2016  gu 2016 group

We are grateful to the Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund and to project partners Conservation Halton, the City of Burlington,
and Halton Region for their important contributions to our 6 restoration events at Beachway since 2013.

2015 Healthy Habitat Events

BurlBeachSign SmallBurlingtonGreen's Community Clean Up Green Up - Beachway Restoration 2015

On May 30, 2015, BurlingtonGreen hosted its 5th Green Up event at Beachway Park as part of the Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund.  100 volunteers signed up for this collective effort to restore the area's fragile dune ecosystem by cleaning up litter, removing invasive plant species and planting thousands of native plants, shrubs and trees.

In total, we planted 216 native shrubs and trees along with 5220 native plants and grasses. The volunteer crew also removed 37 bags of invasive, herbaceous plants (primarily Garlic Mustard plants), and 6 huge piles of woody invasive plants were collected as well.

We were also very proud to create and install an interpretive sign to highlight the incredible variety of natural treasures found at Beachway Park, Halton's only dune environment.

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2014 Healthy Habitat Events

2014cugu beach1BurlingtonGreen's Community Clean Up Green Up - Beachway Restoration (Part 1)

On April 26th, 2014 BurlingtonGreen hosted the first of two Green Up events at Beachway Park that year, as part of the Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund.  More than 80 volunteers joined in the collective effort to restore the area's fragile dune ecosystem by cleaning up litter, removing invasive plant species and planting thousands of native plants, shrubs and trees.

In total, we were able to remove 31 bags of herbaceous invasive plant species (such as Garlic Mustard and Daylillies) in addition to 6, 4 ft piles of woody species (such as Buckthorn and Tree of Heaven). Once the area was cleared of litter and invasives, our volunteers went to work and managed to plant over 3000 native species!

2014gu beachBurlingtonGreen's Community Clean Up Green Up - Beachway Restoration (Part 2)

On May 31st, 2014 the second Green Up event of the year was held at Beachway Park where volunteers were kept busy removing lots more invasive plants and trees from the area and they helped restore the dune environment habitat by planting thousands more native plants, shrubs ans trees.

Over just a few hours, our volunteers removed 50 bags of invasive plant species (mostly Garlic Mustard) as well as two 4 ft piles of woody invasive species. With another big batch of invasives removed, we then began the significant task of planting over 5000 native species!

This was the 4th event BurlingtonGreen has hosted along Burlington Beach and thanks to our hardworking teams of volunteers, we have made tremendous progress in transforming this beautiful environmentally sensitive area. 

2014 May 31 GU group shot(View full size)


2013 Healthy Habitat Events

2013 bgyn rbg 1BGYN Takes Action and Says NO to the Proposed Enbridge Pipeline

On November 16th, the BurlingtonGreen Youth Network hosted an invasive species removal event with the Royal Botanical Gardens as part of the "Defend our Climate" movement. The action demonstration included 30 volunteers participating in a habitat restoration project at the Royal Botanical Garden's Arboretum. They contributed over 100 volunteer hours removing hundreds of invasive plant species like European Buckthorn and Honeysuckle and planted 100 native trees and shrubs. For more information on this event, see the full article on the BGYN webpage here.

2013 bgyn rbg 2Invasive Species Removal Volunteer Events w/ the Royal Botanical Gardens

The Royal Botanical Gardens’ Nature Sanctuaries protect over 900 hectares of woodlands and wetlands. They are an important stopover for migratory birds and a biodiversity hotspot. The health and sustainability of our Nature Sanctuaries is being threatened by non-native, invasive species. During the fall of 2013 BurlingtonGreen volunteers were able to work with the RBG on Saturdays from October 19th to November 16th, 2013 to protect the important interior forest ecosystems by extracting and destroying non-native invasive shrubs. 

2013 kerncliffFriends of Kerncliff Park Fall Clean Up & Butterly Habitat Restoration

On October 5th, 2013,  the Friends of Kerncliff Park, Field & Stream Rescue Team & Conservation Halton worked together to bolster the available habitat for the Mottled Duskywing Butterfly. A team of over a dozen volunteers were able to help create habitat by planting native species trees and shrubs, remove invasive plant species such as Buckthorn and Privet as well as clean up and collect several bags of litter.

2013 trout unlimitedNative Species Planting w/ Trout Unlimited

On September 14th,2013,  a group of volunteers from BurlingtonGreen joined our friends from Trout Unlimited Canada for a Native Species Planting at Lowville park. Approximately 35 volunteers planted 750 native species, completing a multi-year project to protect & restore Bronte Creek. More info & photos from Trout Unlimited's Bronte Creek Renewal Project here 

2013 barc

Marsh Planting w/ the Bay Area Restoration Council

On August 10th a group of BurlingtonGreen Youth Network volunteers assisted the Royal Botanical Gardens & the Bay Area Restoration Council with the final Marsh Planting of the Summer in Coote's Paradise. Volunteers planted 660 cattails as part of the Coote's Paradise Restoration Project. See photos from the event on our BurlingtonGreen Facebook Page here.

2013 trout unlimited 2

Native Species Planting with Trout Unlimited

On July 6th, 2013, BurlingtonGreen participated in a native species planting with our friends at Trout Unlimited Canada. 14 of our volunteers were able to assist with the planting of 500 plants along the shores of Bronte Creek in Lowville Park, Burlington. See photos from the event on Trout Unlimited's Blog here.


2013 cugu part2

2013 Clean Up Green Up Planting (Part 2)

On June 1st, 2013,  BurlingtonGreen hosted the 2nd component of our Clean Up Green Up Habitat Restoration events at Burlington Beach. For this event we recruited 46 volunteers to help with a mix of restoration efforts including cleaning up litter, removing invasive plant species and helping to plant thousands of new native species along the beach.

  • More than 2000 native herbacious plants & grasses as well as about 30 larger shrubs & trees were planted
  • More  than 60 bags of invasive plant "Garlic Mustard" was removed from the area
  • 6 huge piles of non-native invasive Buckthorn totalling approximately 300 plants was removed from the site

    ...and the entire beach area was combed for litter collection!

2013 trout unlimited 3

Native Species Planting with Trout Unlimited

On May 11th, 2013,  BurlingtonGreen participated in a native species planting with Trout Unlimited Canada. For the second weekend in a row we were able to represent BG with 12 volunteers, this time we assisted with the planting of 500 plants along the shores of Bronte Creek in Lowville Park, Burlington.

2013 trout unlimited 4

Native Species Planting with Trout Unlimited
On May 4th BurlingtonGreen participated in a native species planting with Trout Unlimited Canada. 12 of our volunteers assisted with the planting of 660 plants along the shores of Bronte Creek in Lowville Park, Burlington.

We planted Highbush Cranberry, Speckled Alder, Common Elderberry, Nannyberry, Pussy Willow and Red Osier Dogwood,  These plants will create creek side habitat for terrestrial species, create a habitat corridor along the Bronte Creek, improve water quality (by filtering surface water before it enters the creek), decrease water temperatures (by shading of the creek) and will stabilize the bank.

2013 cugu part 1

2013 Clean Up Green Up Planting (Part 1)

On April 20th, 2013,  BurlingtonGreen hosted an estimated 90 volunteers for our first habitat restoration event at Beachway Park as part of the Annual 2013 Community Clean Up Green Up event. Volunteers of all ages participated in a variety of efforts including cleaning up litter from along the beach, removing invasive plant species and helping to plant native species.

Our volunteers...

  • Planted 3000 native herbacious plants & grasses as well as 300 larger shrubs & trees,
  • Cleaned up 24 bags of garbage from along Burlington Beach, and
  • Removed a massive amount of invasive plant species including hundreds of Buckthorn plants.

2012 Healthy Habitat Events

Throughout 2012 Burlington participated in 19 habitat stewardship events thanks to the of dozens of amazing volunteers who donated their time and energy giving back to our community the ecosystems that support us all. In just one year BurlingtonGreen's volunteer team was able to contribute over 500 hours helping to support not just our own restoration projects but also to support the the important work being coordinated by other community partners including:

2012 barcBay Area Restoration Council

After the introduction of Asian Carp into Coote’s Paradise, over 90% of the vegetation in the marsh was destroyed. Each year the BARC hosts at least five Marsh Planting events in partnership with the RBG (Royal Botanical Gardens) in an effort to restore Coote’s Paradise to its former beauty.

Out of all the volunteer opportunities each year the summer marsh plantings are one of the most fun! At many of the events you are able to wear hip-waders, travel out to different areas of Coote's Paradise (sometimes by boat) and build new shorelines out of cattails as well as filling in marshy areas with native trees and shrubs. Our volunteers loved them so much they contributed almost 50 hours of their time to the restoration efforts of Coote's Paradise.

2012 rbgThe Royal Botanical Gardens

The RBG manages over 2700 acres of land, and each year hosts a variety of native species plantings and invasive species removal events. This year we participated in four events with the RBG, contributing over 120 volunteer hours helping restore the Long Valley and Spencer Creek Floodplains. Due to our combined efforts, we managed to plant over a thousand wild grasses and flowers, over 500 native species trees and shrubs and removed a significant amount of Invasive Species such as Common Buckthorn and Amur Honeysuckle bushes, Common Privet, Japanese Barberry, and Norway Maple.

2012 trout unlimitedTrout Unlimited

2012 marked the first year we began working with Trout Unlimited on their Bronte Creek Restoration Project. The work-events consisted of stream restoration (building wing-deflectors, removing human-made dams, clearing out litter/log jams, etc.) and native species plantings along the shoreline of Bronte Creek.

Throughout 2012, we have participated in eight events contributing almost 130 volunteer hours to TU`s restoration efforts. We assisted with the planting of over 3000 native trees and shrubs as well as the work done inside the stream itself. More information about the restoration work as well as some event photos available on their blog here.

2012 cuguClean Up Green Up Community Planting

On April 20th BurlingtonGreen hosted a Native Species Tree Planting at LaSalle Park as part of our 2012 Community Clean Up Green Up annual event. We had an incredible turn-out with approximately 70 volunteers in attendance and managed to plant just over 350 trees and shrubs. After the planting had been completed we also removed approximately 20-30 full bags of Garlic Mustard.

Our volunteers participated for an average of three hours bringing our total to approximate 210 volunteer hours contributed by BG volunteers to the LaSalle Park Green Up Planting Project.

2012 red leaf evergreenMolson Red Leaf/Evergreen Canada General Brock Park project

On August 26, a stewardship event took place at General Brock Park funded by the Molson Red Leaf/Evergreen program. We were joined by 67 volunteers to remove 16 bags of invasive garlic mustard, 4 bags of garbage, 2 bags of recyclables and huge piles of metal fencing, wood and a mountain of brush.

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HH trout unlimited planting

Together we make a difference for a cleaner, greener Burlington.