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Growing Burlington's Tree Canopy

Why grow our tree canopy?

According to Environment Canada, a 30% forest cover is the minimum threshold, meaning that anything less poses a high-risk ecological state. At this rate, less than one half of the potential species richness can be supported and our aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems are deemed only marginally healthy.

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DId you know?

The urban tree canopy in Burlington is sitting at 15-17%. By maintaining our existing trees and growing the urban forest canopy together, we can achieve some of the following results locally:

  • Decrease air pollution through filtration and oxygen generation
  • Improve shade cover, wind barriers and temperature control year round (thus lowering energy costs)
  • Assist with stormwater management in built environments
  • Provide habitat to birds and other wildlife
  • Decrease water runoff, creek degradation and flooding
  • Increase value of neighbourhoods, aesthetic and overall curb appeal 

Most of Burlington's trees are on private property, which means that it is up to us to help educate others on best practice for tree care, maintenance and native tree selection! In an effort to protect privately owned trees, the City of Burlington approved a city wide private tree bylaw in December of 2019. In addition to preserving the tree canopy on private property, the City's Forestry staff work hard to ensure that public trees are well maintained and thrive in your neighbourhood. Learn about the tree protection bylaw here. Check out some of their helpful tree care tips here

you can help! 


We can work together to make a collective difference here in Burlington by PROTECTING, PRESERVING and GROWING our urban forest canopy. Below are some of the ways you can get involved:

BE AN ADVOCATE: Be a changemaker in the community. Stand for the trees. Delegate to council on the importance of continued tree protection by-laws in the community. Stay current with our ongoing Advocacy in Action campaign here!

RAISE AWARENESS: Share what you know with others in the community. Shed some light on the role that trees play in mitigating climate change and reducing negative human impacts.

TAKE ACTION: Take Action and help Clean Up & Green Up your community. Check out BurlingtonGreen's upcoming opportunities page to participate in meaningful restoration work, tree planting events and other Helping Habitat opportunities.

Together we make a difference!