Community Champions

It's time for action. Are you ready? To create sustainable change, we need YOU to help engage more residents in our Eco-Action opportunities.
Ready to network, be empowered, and get engaged? The Community Champions Network is for you!

Wondering what you can do with the Community Champions Network? Here are just a few: 

  • Community Champions logo 2018Participate in networking events to connect, inspire and collaborate on initiatives with other residents. We'll provide a space for you to share your ideas and gain support from other residents.

  • Learn skills and gain access to resources to create positive change in your community. Do you already have an idea that you want to implement in your community? Gain insight and learn from others on how to make the most effective change.

  • Get involved with BG Eco- Action opportunities by promoting these events within your network. Are you a business or group leader, part of a church or sports team? Become a liaison and get your community involved with hands-on opportunities to make Burlington a happy and healthy place!


Look for our next networking event on our calendar or get in touch with Chantelle for more information.

The best time to start getting involved is NOW!

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