Other Issues

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In addition to the current Greenprint for the Future advocacy campaigns, we invite you to learn about and share your input on the issues listed below.  You can learn about the many issues BurlingtonGreen has advocated for to date by clicking here and you can also share your voice on a number of campaigns and issues here.

Burlington joins the Blue Dot Movement

Fantastic News! As of June 22, 2015, the City of Burlington became the first municipality in Halton Region, and the 63rd city in Canada, to formally pass a Blue Dot Declaration and has joined the movement to enshrine our right to breathe fresh air, drink clean water, and eat healthy food!

This is a defining moment for Canada and we're so excited to be a part of it Burlington.

Read the full article here. .

Burlington's Community Energy Plan

The City of Burlington established a Community Energy Plan to analyse how we use energy and  how we can improve efficiency, consider opportunities for local generation, including the use of renewable energy, and reduce our community’s overall carbon footprint.  BurlingtonGreen is participating as a contributing stakeholder to help advance and promote this important plan.

Read the full article here.

Say NO to Bottled Water

In 2010, BurlingtonGreen was successful in its advocacy efforts to get single use plastic water bottle sales restricted from retail outlets at City facilities.

Discover why it is important for you and for the planet to STOP purchasing bottled water and how you can take action here.

Avoid Idling Your Vehicle

Did you know a City of Burlington bylaw prohibits unnecessary idling, such as while waiting for someone in a parking lot? You could be given a $100 fine! So far the City has issued 36 tickets. If you witness an idling vehicle, contact the City at  905-335-7731 to let them know.

This also applies during winter months. It's not necessary to warm up vehicles for 15 minutes in cold weather. Besides, vehicle compartments heat up faster once you're driving on the road. Idling creates a lot of air pollution right where you live and breathe and contributes to global warming.

For more information, and to help promote awareness, visit Dads Against Dirty Air and the City of Burlington website here.