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Kids Go Green

Offered to school and community group children ages 4 to 12, this program provides a fun, interactive and educational experience to encourage children to live more softly on the earth and to grow up green. We offer a limited number of workshops per year so don't delay, submit your booking request today!

Please note that in response to COVID, we are adjusting some of our community programs. Please navigate to our BG Is Here For You Webpage for more information, or contact us here

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Our Workshop consists of 3 steps:

Presentation to classSTEP 1:  Get Inspired while having fun

Our program leaders lead an engaging, interactive activity/game which teaches positive actions that each of us can take to help the environment.

The Kids Go Green "Larry the Landfill" program is suitable for grades JK to 2/3. It focuses on how children can reduce the amount of waste sent to the landfill by reducing, reusing, recycling and composting. The Kids Go Green "Be the Change" program, suitable for grades 3 to 6, challenges participants to identify how their lifestyle habits and choices impact the environment.

Child made a buttonSTEP 2:  Make a Pledge Button

Step two builds on the lessons learned and allows time for creativity as each child makes their own eco-pledge button.

Kids recyclingSTEP 3:  Take Action, Help the Planet

How green are you? Step three is a follow-up 'Go Green Challenge' where children can choose eco-actions they would like to try to commit to.

The Challenge activity can be done individually or as a group on-line or on paper. Each eco-action has been assigned points based on the amount of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions it prevents.

Groups participating in the workshop are invited to have their photo taken
to post with pride on our Kids Go Green Wall of Fame!

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