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Protect our Great Lakes

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Protecting our water supply and shoreline environments is one of BurlingtonGreen’s objectives, to help support a healthy and environmentally responsible city.

In 2012, BurlingtonGreen received a grant from the Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund to organize and implement a stewardship event on the shoreline of Lake Ontario and to increase awareness about the Great Lakes and the importance of protecting them. Beachway Park on the beach strip was chosen as the location for this stewardship project.

In partnership with the City of Burlington and Conservation Halton, the work began on April 20, 2013, which was also the day of BG's annual citywide litter Clean Up that year.  89 dedicated volunteers helped to Green Up Beachway Park by picking up litter, removing invasive species and planting over 3,000 native grasses, shrubs and trees.

A second habitat restoration event took place on June 1, 2013, with more volunteers continuing the efforts. A massive amount of invasive plants were removed and another 2600 native plants added to the sensitive dune environment – the only one of its kind in Halton. Similar work continued in the spring of 2014 (2 more events), 2015, and 2016, for a total of 6 events altogether, thanks to the help of many hard-working volunteers.

An interpretive sign explaining the work and habitat was unveiled near the Beachway Park pavilion following the 2015 event, with Mayor Goldring saying a few words to thank all involved. Three more signs were added in 2016. Go for a walk along the Waterfront Trail and check them out!

Here are some PDF photo pages of work done on April 20, 2013 and June 1, 2013.

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The Green Up of Beachway Park has contributed to the re-naturalization of a substantial section of Lake Ontario’s shoreline in Burlington. With the help of our dedicated volunteers, over one thousand square meters of shoreline has been restored!

Also, to increase awareness of our Great Lakes, BurlingtonGreen created an outreach display, a poster, and a brochure that includes information on what people can do to help. These are displayed at various BurlingtonGreen or community events.

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