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girl with picture of utensilsHalton Region Health estimates over 6300 families are food insecure, meaning without sufficient access or income to buy healthy food on a regular basis.

Good Food Access means maintaining one’s dignity when acquiring food, making your own culturally appropriate food choices, and having good quality food available close to home.

Less than 25% of Halton’s local rural farms actually produce market crops and products. Most area farms produce commodity crops, animal feed, or are horse or niche farms. There is a need to encourage more new farmers, younger farmers, experienced farmers from the immigrant population, and urban agriculture to produce and supply food for the local population.

According to the Metcalf Foundation, at the core of the problem is an outdated system designed for the export market that is no longer producing local food for local markets. Farmers are in a financial crisis. Agricultural land is fast disappearing. Food bank use is increasing. Health is declining due to lack of access to nutritional food. Solutions are needed to address these issues through new, integrated approaches that span sectors and interests.

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Food Security Recommendations, Solutions, and Resources