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why go localOn average, food travels about 2,500 kilometres before it reaches our plates. Alternatively it is quite possible to eat food grown, raised and processed that travels only 50-250 km. That food is a lot less dependent on the fossil fuels that negatively impact our environment.

With the upswing in the local food movement trend, it is also becoming more convenient to access local food suppliers. Our area is lucky to have all the ingredients needed to sustain a local food network - protected farmland; a diversity of farm products grown and raised in the area; a large population; and a concentration of food service industries and institutions.

Buying local has a lasting impact on sustaining family farms, supporting our local rural and urban economies, encouraging agricultural diversity, and promoting sustainable environmental practices. It also secures a predictable and more stable food source for the future and provides a cushion against a vulnerable global food system.

buy fresh buy local

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