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burl community gardensSince 2011 BurlingtonGreen has advocated to the City of Burlington to establish community gardens on public land.

In 2012 the Central Park Community Garden was built by the City and operated by BurlingtonGreen for two years as a pilot project.  It was a great success, and the City continues to build more community gardens in Burlington. 

Visit the City of Burlington's Community Garden webpage for details about the program. Michelle Bennett oversees the program for the City. Follow her on Twitter for garden updates and other helpful gardening and local food information here

Visit BurlingtonGreen's Grow to Give Garden webpage for details about our food donation plot within the Central Park Community Garden.

It's about more than just food

You can read a good article here about the benefits of community gardens, beyond food:

"Even beyond issues of food access, community gardens are about building social ties,
sharing skills and experience, learning about nature and culture, and taking proactive measures
to improve our physical and mental well-being."

View some history of how the Community Garden program got started in Burlington, as well as a list of gardens in the surrounding area, in the articles below.


carrots closeupBurlingtonGreen believes we need to TAKE ACTION to provide local opportunities to grow food. In 2011 we shared our vision to establish a community garden with the City of Burlington and the Ministry of Health Promotion and Sport. They recognized the value of this initiative and have provided the funding and infrastructure to make this vision come to life.

We believe that by operating a garden in a profile location and offering a variety of supporting workshops and programming, the garden can serve as a living, teaching example inspiring other gardens to "spring up" in other locations throughout the City. We want this garden to be a great success so it can demonstrate the benefits, fun and rewards associated with community efforts to share common ground and grow food.

Click on the links below to follow our photo coverage of the garden project journey...

  • 2011 – Central Park Community Garden Vision, site planning & construction photo album

  • 2012 – First Year in the Garden photo album
  • 2013 – Second Season in the Garden photo album


More photos...

  • March 7, 2012 – Garden Registration launch event photo album
  • March 22-24, 2012 – Getting our hands dirty photo album
  • May 5, 2012 – Garden Launch event with local dignitaries photo album

manwithcarrotsThe Halton Food Council defines community gardens as:

"... shared spaces where people gather together to grow fruit, vegetables, and or flowers collectively. Community gardens can help promote food security for participants by increasing physical and economic access to adequate amounts of healthy food. Community gardens provide health, economic, educational, social, and environmental benefits to participants and the community at large."

BurlingtonGreen is proud to have established the first public community garden at Central Park in partnership with the City of Burlington with funding support provided by the Province of Ontario's Healthy Communities Fund.

Below you will find locations of community gardens in and around Burlington:

Happy green gardening!