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On this page you will learn more about the why's & what's of local food certification.


my pick logoMy Pick® Verified Local Farmers helps level the playing field for family farmers trying to compete with resellers who try to pass off cheap food terminal sell-offs as just-picked, farm-fresh food. Shoppers come to farmers' markets to buy from genuine farmers. When you see a vendor displaying a MyPick® sign, you can be sure you're getting just-picked freshness from the grower's own farm and are helping to support local agriculture.

homegrown ontario logo
Homegrown Ontario is your guarantee that your meat and poultry has been raised on an Ontario farm and processed at an Ontario plant.

my market logoMy Market® Certified Local Farmers Markets is Canada’s first certified farmers’ markets featuring verified farmers, selling only what they produce. We are committed to helping shoppers enjoy the benefits of eating local as well as supporting farmers who are the "real thing".

local food plus 3Local Food Plus was a certification system that put economic, environmentallfp and social issues at the forefront, where they belong. It was the most recent project of the Land Food People Foundation, running from 2005 to 2014. The LFP system addressed production, labour, native habitat preservation, animal welfare, and on-farm energy use, and leveraged these standards to open new higher-value markets for Canadian farmers. In short, LFP was committed to creating local sustainable food systems that reduced reliance on fossil fuels, created meaningful jobs, and fostered the preservation of farmland – and farmers.