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  • Seachoice here – Choosing sustainable seafood is a simple and effective action that you can take every time you eat at a restaurant or buy seafood Wallet Guide.
  • is an informative, entertaining and enthusiastic cheese blog for all who love local artisan cheese. Visit the Ontario Cheese trail in progress HERE.

  • Ontario Natural Food Co-op – As a co-operative, ONFC operates as a member-owned and directed wholesaler for its members. Our products can be found at natural food stores, retail co-ops, buying clubs, local independent community grocery stores, daycares, and non-profit organizations. Our private label brand, Ontario Natural, creates an opportunity for ONFC to bring to the forefront the very best products grown and produced in Ontario. Visit HERE.

  • Canadian Organic Growers Directory – COG's membership is diverse and includes farmers, gardeners, processors, retailers, educators, policy-makers, and consumers. Not all COG members run certified organic operations, but they share a vision for a sustainable bioregionally-based organic food system. Our members believe that organic food production is the best choice for the health of consumers and producers, for the protection and enhancement of the environment, and for the sustainability of the food production system. In fact we believe that the survival of our country and even of the planet depends on it. Visit HERE.

  • GreenbeltFresh.caFresh Food Finder contains an incredibly diverse range of products on offer from Ontario's Greenbelt - for both simple and adventurous tastes, search for locally-grown and raised staples, specialties, and ethno-cultural varieties.

  • Ontario Community Supported Agriculture Directory – What is a CSA? Farmers receive a set fee (from you - the consumer) prior to the start of the growing season. In return, you receive shares (produce) in the farm's bounty. Learn more HERE.

  • Ontario Craft Brewers – Local beer brewed HERE. With 26 producing their exceptional products, and over 150 different brands available, it's not surprising many people want to know where they can buy OCB products.

  • Fruit Wines of Ontario HERE. Made from 100% Ontario fruit, these fruit wines bring the best of the harvest to you. From the orchards and berry patches come wines crafted with apples, pears, peaches, cherries, raspberries, strawberries, cranberries and more.
  • Ontario Wineries HERE.

  • Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario HERE
  • Harvest Ontario HERE is all about discovering agricultural oriented attractions in the form of day-trip style outings which can last an hour, a weekend or more. Economical, fun, healthy and educational, agritourism is without a doubt, the best-valued family experience available today.
  • Ontario Farm Fresh HERE wants you to get out and visit a farm! promotes and unites Ontario farms, agritourism destinations, pick-your-owns, roadside markets, farmgate producers, local meats, wineries, community supported agriculture and much more.
  • Homegrown Ontario has local certified meat and poultry HERE. The Homegrown Ontario logo is your guarantee that your meat and poultry has been raised on an Ontario farm and processed at an Ontario plant.

  • cheese editedOntario Cheese Society are highly dedicated artisan cheesemakers, milk producers, retailers and enthusiasts who experience first hand the fast-growing consumer interest in farmstead, artisan and regional cheese products Map HERE.


Participants at the Greenbelt Harvest Picnic
  • farm it forwardBaba Link Organic Farm – Ecocert Canada Certified organic since 2008, Baba Link Organic Farm has been a family-run farm since 1954, and now provides organic fruit, herbs, etc.  Telephone: 905-690-7070
  • Backyard Bounty – We are urban farmers in Guelph, Ontario who partner with members of the community to convert urban parcels of land and lawns into productive gardens. We grow a wide variety of vegetables that are available through seasonal share. Telephone: 519-803-2539

  • Black Sheep Farm – We are located near the town of Chesley, Ontario and our mission is to practice sustainable agricultural, where food is grown with love and respect for the environment. Black Sheep grows a wide variety of fruit and vegetables. Telephone: 519-363-2199

  • Drumlin Farm – We grow organic certified vegetables and fruit in Guelph, Ontario. We offer hands-on programs related to wildlife, farming, and the environment. Telephone: 519-837-9485

  • Dutchman's Gold – We are a family operated apiary in the heart of Carlisle, Ontario. We Keep 1,500 beehives all over the Hamilton area and we produced 88,000 lbs of honey in 2010!  Telephone: 905-689-6371

  • Featherstone Farms – We are located in Burlington, Ontario, and we raise free-range heritage breeds of livestock on pasture which are fed GMO-free grain. We also grow organic vegetables. Telephone: 289-337-3375
  • Fenwood Farms – We are located in Ancaster, Ontario, and we raise organic and antibiotic-free chickens as well as beef and emu. Telephone: 905-765-1479

  • From These Roots – We grow edible flowers, fine herbs and chili peppers. From these products they make value-added agriculture in the form of edible flower and fruit jams. Telephone: 905-690-8231
  • Hearts Content Organic Farm – is a Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) Farm in Brantford, Ontario. Hearts Content grows patty-pan squash, zucchini, beans (burgundy; turn green when cooked!), arugula, cilantro, Swiss chard, hot pepper (very hot!), garlic, bush beans, beets, potatoes, winter squash and tomatoes. We also sell free-range eggs. Telephone: 519-647-0307
  • Irvine Creek Organics – We are an organic heirloom farm (CSA) and market garden, apiary and sugar shack, apple orchard, and hop yard located in Bellwood, Ontario. We distribute produce, pickles, preserves and other farm-crafted products no more than 100 km from the farm and we follow strict organic standards. Telephone: 519-787-2356
  • La Primavera Farm – We grow a variety of sunflowers, annuals and perennials in Dundas, Ontario. La Primavera is a third generation farm which consists of 300 acres and also includes a poultry farm, heritage beef operation and field crops. Telephone: 905-627-7874
  • ManoRun Organic Farms – We are a family-run organic farm (CSA) located in Copetown, Ontario. We grow and sell bread, a wide variety of vegetables, herbs and meats. Telephone: (905) 304-8048
  • Mapleton's Organic Dairy – We are family-owned and operated in Moorefield, Ontario. We produce ice cream, frozen yogurt and fresh yogurt in our onsite dairy. We also raise pigs, hens and grow spelt, soybeans, corn, potatoes and pumpkins. Telephone: 519-638-1115
  • Montforte Dairy – We are located in Stratford, Ontario, and we sell a wide variety of cheese, meat and crackers. Telephone: 519-814-7920
  • Plan B Organic Farm – We are a certified organic farm (CSA) in Branchton, Ontario. We grow fresh vegetables, herbs and fruit that are available through seasonal share as well as many local markets. Telephone: 905-659-2572
  • Rocket Handgrown Food – We are a family-run market garden near Guelph, Ontario. We specialize in organically grown heirloom tomatoes, greens and many other unique and delicious veggie varieties. Telephone: 519-822-9587

  • Scotscraig Farm – We are located in Ancaster, Ontario, and we are a family farm that specializes in heirloom tomatoes, vegetables and cut flowers. Telephone: 905-648-5338

  • Waterhall Farm – We are located in Dundas, Ontario, and we offer a wide variety of all-natural, fresh seasonal vegetables (including heirloom varieties), herbs, and flowers. For a full list of our crops, please visit the grow calendar page of our website. Telephone: 905-659-0958

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  • de la terre bakery – Vineland-based de la terre specializes in organic artisan breads and pastries made inhouse, and features coffee, tea and espresso-based drinks. Everything is made from scratch using the finest ingredients sourced locally. De la terre will barter for chemical-free garden produce.
  • Earth to Table Bread Bar - As the result of striving to supply the kitchen of the Ancaster Mill with delicious, seasonal produce, the Earth to Table Bread Bar was born. It has become part of something even greater: a sustainable system that now nourishes our community and our environment. Earth to Table is now a multi-faceted food union of restaurants, a 100-acre farm, a farmer's market stall and cookbook, wedding cakes, catering…and they aren't done yet. Artisan Bakery by day, Pizzeria by night.
  • Feng's Dumplings – Feng’s got their start in the Guelph Farmers Market in 2003 and have been there ever since. Feng’s traditional handmade Chinese dumplings, gourmet sauces and soups are made with fresh, local and natural ingredients.
  • Gorilla Cheese Hamilton - Gorilla Cheese is Canada's first mobile food truck specializing in grilled cheese sandwiches – all different types made with the best ingredients. They also feature tomato soup and baked beans made from scratch.
  • Green Table Foods – Family operated for the past 6 years, Green Table Foods specializes in creating unique and innovative prepared foods and sides using only seasonal and organic, fresh-from-the-farm ingredients. They offer catering and gluten-free baking.
  • Laza Catering – A member of the Guelph Wellington “taste • real ~ From the Ground Up” local food initiative, Laza Catering is a small family business that caters Eritrean/Ethiopian food featuring a variety of ethnic food and drink. Laza Catering uses compostable and biodegradable cups and straws and provides service for private parties, corporate functions, convenience stores, and retailers at the Gordon Street Guelph Farmers' Market.