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tomato preserves

Below are some preserving techniques and ideas to help you enjoy the benefit of local food all year long.

preserves beansIt can be tough to know what to do with your vegetables and fruit when you have a whole crop ready at one time. Knowing how to preserve your hard work is an important part of the home garden yearly cycle.

Below are websites with comprehensive guides to pickling, freezing, drying, fermenting, making jam and jelly, and even smoking and curing.

Seed Saving

Another way to preserve the harvest is to save your seeds, grow heirloom or open pollinated varieties, share rootstock and other growing methods that preserve genetic diversity in our food system. Here are two excellent resources on this topic:

  • planting seeds3Seed Savers Exchange has been in the business for over 40 years (U.S.-based). A wide range of seeds can be purchased through them for delivery in USA or Canada.

  • Seeds of Diversity is a Canadian charitable organization dedicated to the conservation, documentation and use of public-domain, non-hybrid plants of Canadian significance and their mission is to:

    "promote the conservation and use of heritage and endangered food plants, to preserve knowledge of traditional seed saving and agricultural practices, and to encourage people to actively engage in protecting the diverse gene pool of plants that sustain human civilization."

    They host seasonal seed exchanges, have a heritage plants database of over 19000, and offer lots of resources and further reading on the subject of preserving genetic diversity in our food.


Check out this handy link to learn more about how you can store your veggies this winter. Click here and see the handy chart too.

 vegetable storage chart