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Welcome! July 2020 Update: please note that some of the content throughout our Go Local Food Network resource pages may be out of date. We are currently constructing a new website that will result in up to date helpful resources. Thank you

  1. Why Go Local -  information about the importance & benefits of local food.

    1. Food Insecurity - what food insecurity is and why it is so important in supporting a sustainable future for all of us.

  2. Finding Local - information about where you can source local food in Burlington and surrounding regions

    1. Farmer's Markets - discover what's happening at local & regional farmer's markets.
    2. Local Food Certification - information and helpful tips on how you can identify healthy, local food products.
    3. Find a Farm or Food Producer - farm and food producers that focus on local food. Help us add to the list!

  3. Growing Local - gardening tips and resources to help you have a green thumb.

    1. Burlington Community Gardens - discover City of Burlington's public community gardens.
    2. How to Start a Community Garden - step by step tips on establishing a new community garden.
    3. Gardening Suppliers - local suppliers for your gardening needs.
    4. Gardening Safety & Fitness Tips -  gardening activity can help to keep you fit too!

  4. Eat Fresh & Healthy - discover more of the health benefits of buying, growing, and eating local food.

    1. Recipes - a popular page to discover seasonal recipes.
    2. Preserving the Harvest - discover tips and techniques to help extend your growing efforts & enjoy local food all year long.

  5. More Information & Resources - a variety of resources and links all about local food related topics.

    1. Local Food Hero Spotlight - individuals, groups, businesses & food producers who are advancing the local food movement.
    2. Local Food Videos - our favourite videos about local food topics – get the popcorn out! (local and organic if you can.)

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