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Green Homes

What is a Green Home? green home

A green home is a healthy, comfortable, energy-efficient home with reduced operating costs. It is ecologically responsible, has a low carbon footprint, and often results in an increased property value.

Many think renovating a house for energy conservation is expensive and has a long payback. This ignores the value of a healthy, comfortable environment. However, approaching a building improvement in the proper manner can result in a reasonable payback period and an increased property value.

Tackling the most effective energy saving aspects first, such as insulation and draft-proofing, tied in with other upgrades such as healthy kitchens, baths and basement remodelling, can give the best outcome.

Go Green!

BurlingtonGreen wants to provide the information needed for homeowners to make the best decisions on improving their home environment. We have developed the Green Home webpages to help existing home owners go greener. By showing new construction or highly renovated homes, you can get ideas of what you may want to do. Cost and financing information is provided, as well as links to various sources to help you make good choices.


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