Plug into great savings from Ontario today up to $14,000 in incentives!

Electric vehicles are the way of the future...actually, it's safe to now say that they're the way of the present. As of February 2017, there are nearly 30,000 electric cars on the road in Canada (9000 registered in Ontario) and growing. The Province is offering up to $14,000 on the purchase of an electric vehicle and $1,000 on your home charging station -- visit Plug N Drive to learn more. You can also save up to $2,000 every year on fuel and maintenance.

Most electric vehicle models on the Canadian market travel 200-400 km on a single charge, but the majority of Canadians only drive a maximum of 60 Km per day. With close to 500 charging stations across Ontario (and more to come), you don’t have to worry about where to power up on your next trip. There are also a number of handy apps to help you navigate and find charging stations while you are on the road, most notably PlugShare and ChargeHub. 90% of all trips made on a weekday within Burlington are made by car -- 50% of these trips are 5 Km or less.

Growing knowledge and demand have also increased awareness and helped establish electric vehicles as the transportation option of choice. Plug N Drive’s Electric Vehicles Discovery Centre in North York, Ontario has electric vehicles on hand to test drive and experience. In addition to information on electric vehicles and incentive programs available. You can also check out the Driving electric vehicles uptake in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area report here.

If you are in the market for a new vehicle, or will be soon, take advantage of great incentives available on electric vehicles today and Make the Switch!

Available Incentives
Visit the Plug 'N Drive website to discover the various incentives.

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Plus, good information here on Ontario's long-term EV strategy.

Visit the Plug'n Drive and GHEVA websites for more information on EVs.

BurlingtonGreen helped promote EVs at the 2016 and 2017 Burlington Downtown Car Show!