LOVE Local Trees

LOVE Local Trees


You can support local nature and LOVE our trees by taking part in our annual Green Up , learning from our TLC (Tree Loving Care) tips, and more!

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According to Environment Canada, a 30% forest cover is the minimum threshold for a healthy ecological state.

The urban tree canopy in Burlington is sitting at a low 15-17%. At this rate, less than one-half of the potential species richness can be supported and our aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems are deemed only marginally healthy. 

By maintaining our existing trees and growing the urban forest canopy we can:

  • Decrease air pollution through filtration and oxygen generation
  • Improve shade cover, wind barriers and temperature control year round (also lowering energy costs)
  • Assist with stormwater management in built environments
  • Provide habitat to birds and other wildlife
  • Decrease water runoff, creek degradation and flooding
  • Increase value of neighbourhoods, aesthetic and overall curb appeal 

The Benefits of Urban Forests

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