Burlington Creeks

Burlington Creeks

Protecting our water supply and shoreline environments is one of BurlingtonGreen’s objectives – don’t forget that the shoreline includes our many local creeks!

Healthy creeks are so important because they are interconnected systems that help to exchange water, sediment, nutrients, and wildlife, and they also help to manage stormwater too, which helps prevent flooding during heavy rainfall.

Urban creeks like the ones running throughout our communities play an important role, not just for natural flood mitigation, but they are home and habitat to a myriad of wildlife.

Learn more about Halton’s watershed here.

The Creeks of Burlington

We love shining a light on local residents who are leading the way in educating the community about the importance and beauty of our local creeks, while also taking ACTION to clean them up!

Local resident, Elliott Groen started the Creeks and Trees project in 2020/21, which is all about learning about, protecting and cleaning up local creeks.