2022 Impact Highlights


2022 was an extra special year for our organization as we celebrated our 15th Anniversary and we laid down roots at our new home located at the historic pumphouse at Burlington’s Beachway Park. 

Our journey at the area began many years earlier in 2008 when we participated in a shoreline clean up, and we went on to plant thousands of native grasses, plants and shrubs at the unique dune habitat over multiple years .  We designed and erected educational signage about the ecological significance of the region, and we hosted children’s activities and various youth workshops at the beautiful location as well.

So it very much felt like ‘coming home’, where we quickly settled in, taking action and engaging community members all summer long, continuing to advance our  various identified strategic plan priorities.

With some continued pandemic conditions, the funding landscape in 2022 continued to be precarious including reduced grant support. This resulted in a reduction of staff members at a time of growing demands being placed on our organization from all sectors of the community. And thus, on the date of our organization’s 15th anniversary (November 21, 2022), we launched a three-year fundraising campaign to generate funds ongoing to support immediate and longer-term financial sustainability.

Our dedicated team persevered throughout 2022, advancing our mission through various advocacy, awareness and action initiatives as you’ll discover highlighted below.

We are truly grateful to the Burlington community and all who participate in and support our work to create lasting and meaningful change here at home.

The content below was shared at BurlingtonGreen’s AGM held on June 27, 2023. The event also included an informative and inspiring presentation by “Climate Grant” available for viewing here. 

our vision

Everyone in Burlington recognizes we are all connected to, and dependent on the environment, and acts on this understanding to ensure a good quality of life and a sustainable future.

our mission

Together with the community, we work to protect the environment, mitigate climate change and create a healthier, more environmentally responsible city.

Together we make a difference.





Engaging with the community to raise awareness on pressing environmental issues is pivotal to our work. In 2022, we offered a mix of in-person and online programming with impressive reach as reflected here:

94000 Accounts Reached

799 Posts

167668 Impressions

26806 New Users

3300 Accounts Reached

BG Volunteers are the best!

Volunteering with BG changes lives and helps to grow a stronger community of environmental champions.  Some of the valued contributions of our volunteers along with others in the community, were featured via our popular Community Spotlight initiative.

Volunteer Hours


We are tremendously grateful to the various grant funders, community partners, sponsors and donors for their critical contributions and collaborations, powering our important work throughout 2022.  We maximized every dollar received to achieve maximum impact to help the planet, locally.


BurlingtonGreen’s volunteer Board of Directors and staff members comprise a team of talented, passionate, hard-working individuals committed to to making positive change happen here in Burlington. As the implications of climate change and biodiversity loss and other environmental issues, escalate, so too do the demands on our team.  Resiliency, perseverance and a collective determination to advance our important mission work remains paramount to our effectiveness.

During 2022, Board and staff members participated in a series of facilitated equity, diversity, and inclusivity traning, and staff members participated in professional development opportunities, particularly in areas of volunteer management best practice, and our Executive Director took part in an extensive organizational change management workshop series.

2022 financial highlights

BurlingtonGreen was able to navigate another challenging year with reduced Covid subsidy and grant support. In November 2022 we launched an exciting new 3-year The Time Is Now fundraising campaign to achieve greater financial sustainability so our charity can keep pace with the steadily growing community programming demands.

Our external auditor is Durward Jones Barkwell & Company LLP, who issued an unmodified opinion on the fiscal year 2022 financial statements. BurlingtonGreen also has an external Bookkeeper, and a Board Treasurer and active Finance and Audit Committee overseeing and guiding our financial planning, monitoring and reporting.

Further financial details will be posted by the CRA (likely September 2023) on our charity’s profile.

2022 Revenue: $246,793
2022 Expenses: $347,841