Big Yellow Bag Give & Grow is HERE!

Are you buying soil or mulch for your gardening and landscaping projects?

Please consider avoiding a volume of small single use plastic bags of soil or mulch and opt for lower eco-impact bulk ordering. A great option is a container-free trailer load, or order through BigYellowBag® using our unique code BURLGREEN22 and you’ll save $5 while generating a $10 donation to BurlingtonGreen for each bag you purchase! 

The funds received will help us provide live green resources and tips to the Burlington community. (This offer can be combined with early bird savings as well.)

Reminder: Big Yellow Bags are made of a polypropylene material and manufactured overseas, so please re-use them or return them to Big Yellow Bag for re-using or recycling where available. 

  • Empty bags can be left out when you expect a delivery, and Big Yellow Bag will collect them.
  • Look for a variety of drop off locations to be available soon.
  • Some customers use empty bags to store firewood, or cover their air conditioner, BBQ or patio furniture.
  • What creative re-uses can you share? Let us know.

Thank you for making a difference!

100% of funds raised will encourage youth, amplify local voices, and provide tools and resources for Burlington community members and organizations to Green Up, Clean Up and Make the Switch to living more softly on Earth.