Shop Local Buy Green is HERE!

Here at BurlingtonGreen, we’re always keen to find new ways to help all sectors of the community live, work and play more softly on the earth, so we are thrilled to share our latest project with you!

Shop Local Buy Green is a one-stop handy resource where you will discover low-waste living and green buying tips, a searchable directory for local eco-friendly products, services, businesses, and we’ve got more in the works still to add.

Our enthusiastic team members will also be supporting the Burlington Holiday Market with their sustainability efforts and we will be there each day to offer our Seasons Greenings, along with our popular eco-gift wrap service, free giveaways, and more!

We are very grateful to the Burlington Chamber of Commerce and the Ontario Chamber of Commerce,  for their funding support to make these new opportunities possible.

Together we make a difference.