Tree Photo Contest Winner!

Thank you to everyone who submitted a photo for the 2023 Local Tree Photo Contest!

Each of you made this year’s tree photo contest possible and we thank you for sharing your beautiful images with the community to enjoy.

DRUM ROLL…….The image receiving the most votes from the community is photo # 3 which was created by Sloane ( Grade 6 student). Sloane received a $50 gift card courtesy of Connon Nurseries.

And the image receiving the second highest volume of community votes is presented below photo #7.

Runner Up: Fire In The Rain

RUNNER UP :Photo # 7 – Title: Fire in the rain ” This is our tree in our front yard, home to a little black squirrel and the first on the street to change and drop. We are luckily enough to have about 2 weeks of bright orange and red leaves that warm our whole street! Everyone enjoys it for a quick time before the leaves drop and it is the first bare tree on the block! The reds really pop in full sun but also look beautiful on a moody rainy day! “(Bronagh)
WINNING IMAGE! Photo # 3 -“My Favourite Tree-Instead of taking a picture of this tree I decided to paint it. This tree in my complex I painted because I thought it was always a pretty sight to see. In this painting I made everything plain, unfinished,no detail, besides the tree. To me it shows that not everything needs to be maxed to perfection. Do your best even with the smallest things. This tree is right beside my house and when I leave in the morning I see this tree. I put my competition because I always wanted to see this divine tree. This was my perfect opportunity. (Grade 6 student Sloane)”

And we thank everyone who took the time to review the photo submissions to choose their favourite!

We look forward to hosting the next Tree Photo Contest in the fall of 2024. Let’s continue to celebrate the beauty of TREES.

Thank you to the following community members for sharing their beautiful tree images for the 2023 Tree Photo Contest!
Photo # 1: The Pretty Glowing Tree – “I’m like a tree, my colors change, but my roots stay the same ”- Rose Namajunas. Hi!! ! My name is Vira, and let me explain why I like this tree! The first thing I like about this tree would be, the most obvious, its lights. I love how pretty the colors are and how good they go together with the other colors, the tree and the scene. In addition, I really like the picture opportunities. This tree is so pretty, even in the daytime the pictures of it come out beautiful, with the trees green, the light balls white glow, and some pink flowers under the tree. If you ever go to Burlington downtown, be sure to check it out! The last reason to support this paragraph would be that it’s so unique! Throughout my lifetime, I have never seen such a tree. Sure there may be some trees with lights on it, but this one is the first I’ve ever seen that is so aesthetically pleasing. Thank you so much for reading this paragraph about why I chose this tree! Have a great day!! ( Grade 7 student – Vira)
Photo # 2 – “My favourite Burlington tree is the beautiful tall willow tree in Port Nelson Park (3000 Lakeshore Road Burlington). Its enormous height and width can be seen from Lakeshore Road as well as from the water. Its flowing branches are home to many birds 🦅, butterflies 🦋 and squirrels 🐿️. On sunny days people can sit in its shade to relax, looking out over the water at the buildings on the other side of the lake. When I took the picture, the rain had just subsided on land, but it was still raining over the lake, with beautiful clouds of different shades in the air.” ( Cheryl)
Photo # 4- (Student – Evelyn)
Photo # 5 – “My little slice of heaven, taken on a gray morning after a life-altering event. In this moment, I felt like the middle tree, bare of most of its leaves, embraced by the best of what the other trees had to offer. Taken in Shoreacres Park. “(Leslie)
Photo # 6 – “We moved to Burlington a short while ago and are loving discovering all the amazing places we can walk and bike. We walk the lakefront almost every evening and were overwhelmed and so grateful for the cherry trees that line the upper pathway. I can’t pick one tree, but I thought the pier in the background added an extra layer of Burlington to this shot taken April 27, 2023. “(Andrea)
Photo # 8 – “These beautiful Red Horse Chestnut trees, situated at the entrance to Central Park in Burlington, greet visitors with their lovely blooms during the late Spring.”(Robert)
Photo # 9 – “The reason I like this tree is because it looks purple but it’s really just green. Another reason I like it is because it looks purple and because it’s a color I like. I also love nature and trees. I would love to have it or plant a seed of the tree. I’m also participating because it’s about something I like and I’d be happy even if I don’t win. The name of the tree is the Norway Maple Tree. “(Student-McKinlay)
Photo # 10 – “This tree is special because it is yellow and green and you can have shade when you’re hot. This tree is special because it helps nature grow and how to have oxygen. This Tree is special because you can climb on it and have fun and you feel like a monkey. “(Student – Liam)
Photo # 11 -“This tree produces oxygen and is important to us otherwise we wouldn’t be able to breathe. This tree provides shade for people to enjoy it. and it is a really nice tree we would love for it to stay. “(Student – Chris)