National Photo Coverage

What a treat to discover a photo of BurlingtonGreen team members with our friend Dr. David Suzuki on the national Foundation’s March 31, 2021 e-news bulletin! ( see photo to right).

The image was shared for the David Suzuki Foundation’s Are you one in a million? campaign pledge.

The photo was taken at Queens Park in 2016 as BG team members carried out advocacy work championing the national Blue Dot Movement.   The City of Burlington Council unanimously declared the City to be a Blue Dot municipality in 2015. And in 2017, we were pleased to bring David Suzuki to Burlington to inform and empower 2 sold-out audiences at the Burlington Performing Arts Centre. We continue to support the Blue Dot Movement work ( please provide your support here), recognizing everyone’s essential right to a healthy environment. This is more critical now than ever before.

In addition to this campaign, over the past 13+ years, BurlingtonGreen volunteers have advocated for new or improved policies, and leadership commitment on more than 120 issues, and we’ve introduced thousands of local residents to election candidates and their views, via published surveys, and the many popular All-Candidate events and debates we’ve been proud to organize and host.   

Together we make a difference for a better Burlington and for a healthier, more sustainable future.