Green Connections for Older Adults

BG is pleased to provide opportunities in 2023 and 2024 for adults over age 55 in the community to enjoy the mental and physical benefits of connecting with nature and with other community members.

Our Green Connections for Older Adults program includes all-ages nature presentations, walks, and hands-on activities.

As part of this program, we’re reaching out to invite more of the community to engage with BG’s impactful and fun activities by promoting our programs right where people live and spend their time, such as the Library, Seniors Centres, and apartment and condo buildings with a higher proportion of older adult residents (ages 55+).

You can help us make our programs more accessible to older adults and others in the community at risk of isolation and loneliness. If you live in a condo or apartment building, you can help us reach community members with limited access to the internet, when you share our posters in your building.

If you have a poster location to suggest, please contact Sue to let us know how you can help make a difference!

This program is gratefully supported by Halton Region Community Investment Fund.