BG Joins New Network: Unflood Ontario

Water Canada: Unflood Ontario aims to get natural infrastructure in communities across Ontario.

Step 1 shows people how easy and accessible natural infrastructure is through fun videos, online resources and actions they can take.

Step 2 focuses on ensuring new federal dollars for natural infrastructure go to residents and community groups who want to install natural infrastructure where they live.

This approach will help create jobs and empower people to use natural infrastructure to help address the many social inequities deepened by the COVID crisis.

BurlingtonGreen is pleased to join with 50 other organizations to support this important initiative aimed to reduce flooding through natural infrastructure — together, naturally.

The devastating impacts of flooding have and continue to be realized here in Burlington, Ontario as demonstrated on August 4, 2014 when nearly two months of rain ( 191 milimetres) came down in only 8 hours.

The record rainfall caused significant flooding and damage in parts of the city. Roads, highways, businesses and more than 3,000 homes were flooded.

More, and effective ‘on-the-ground’ flood-reduction actions are needed now, more than ever before given the current climate emergency and the COVID green just recovery opportunity.

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Together we make a difference.