Be an Age to Age Nature Friend!

We invite community members of all ages, including children, students, youth, adults, families and groups at school, work, or community groups to create nature-themed messages, cards, poems, artwork, photography, stories, etc, which will be collected and distributed to 250 older adults in Burlington who receive monthly Good Food Bags from Food for Life.

How to participate: 

  • Create items on your own or with a group at work, school or your faith community or club
  • You can send items by email to Contact us to make arrangements for dropping items off.
  • There is no deadline to submit the items. People will be happy to get them any time. Deliveries are made monthly.
  • Each item is eligible for up to one hour of volunteer time.
  • If you are interested in a group art activity led by BurlngtonGreen, please contact

Show you care! 

  • Start your item with ‘Dear Friend’ or ‘To a Special Friend’ 
  • End by including your first name only. 
  • A short message of care is always appreciated. Keep it positive, using words like: happy, sunshine, cheerful, smiling, joy, peaceful, fun, exciting, favourite.
  • Keep writing large, in font 14 or 16. Arial, Calibri, and Verdana are easier fonts for older adults to read.
  • Remember to take time so the recipient sees that you care.

Different ideas for getting involved:

  • Write nature-themed letters, cards, poetry or stories – share about your favourite local green spaces, trees, plants, animals or nature memories.
  • Create artwork or photographs inspired by local nature, including plants, animals or scenery in and around Burlington. Get outside and sketch, paint or photograph what you observe. 
  • Simple artwork using crayons, markers, coloured pencil or paint are enjoyed by many older adults. No need for extensive art training or skills!
  • Try pressed flower bookmarks, easy leaf crayon rubbings, fall watercolour leaf paintings, birch tree crayon resist painting.
  • Try making it challenging and fun by creating nature-themed quizzes, trivia questions, crossword puzzles, illustrated scavenger hunts, bingo cards, and word searches! (Be sure to include the answers!)
  • Get outside for other inspiration and ideas.

As part of Age-Friendly Halton’s Connections Among Generations program, your nature-inspired offerings and personalized messages of hope and care will reach Burlington community members who may be experiencing loss of social connections due to Covid. Please be aware that the older adults who receive your kind messages will not be writing letters back to you individually, however they may send a card or letter thanking your group for all of the wonderful encouraging messages they have received.

Thank you for making a difference!

Gratitude to Halton Community Investment Fund for pilot funding to establish this initiative.