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Green Holiday Tips...

Here are some ideas to help you green your holiday season while lessening your ecological footprint...

Holiday Décor: When choosing decorations for your tree or home, focus on ornaments and decorations that will last. Reduce the need for disposable decorations that are thrown out and spend time with the family making decorations that can be cherished for years to come. Invest in proper storage to make sure that they do not break and are easy to find every holiday season. And for outdoor decorating, if you are including lights, ensure your lights are LED and are programmed with a timer to conserve energy.

Holiday Gift Giving: Consider giving gifts that require less packaging, wrapping or shipping. Giving gifts such as event tickets, restaurant vouchers, museum passes, or donations to not-for-profit groups such as BurlingtonGreen, are all great ways to show your appreciation this holiday season. Similarly, promise notes that can be redeemed for chores or making dinner are gifts that will keep giving long after the holiday season.

Holiday Gift Wrapping: There are so many ways to make each present special with crafty gift wrapping! Take advantage of BurlingtonGreen's eco-friendly gift wrapping service if shopping at MEC in December. Or, make customized reusable sacks for the whole family and place gifts in each person’s own gift sack to eliminate the need to individually wrap each present.

Reusing materials such as newspapers, paper bags or old maps can be a great project to bring together the family to wrap presents. (Did you know traditional gift wrap and gift bags are not accepted in Halton's blue bin program and must go in the garbage?)  For children, eliminate wrapping all together and create a treasure hunt, which can turn searching for gifts into more fun than ripping open a present. Gather materials and create your own special bags for the loved ones on your list, and they can be reused for years to come. 

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Check out our Green Living info pages for ideas of how you can reduce your impact on the environment all year long.

Happy Holidays from BurlingtonGreen!