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MEC supports BG's Greenprint for the Future Program

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on 30 June 2014

July,  2014 - MEC is contributing $14,412 to support 11 months of work to advance our new Greenprint for the Future Program.

“We believe it is important to advocate for landscape conservation and to raise Canadians' awareness and understanding of current issues. We are proud to support organizations like BurlingtonGreen that advocate for a cleaner, greener , healthier environment for all of us to explore and enjoy,” said Andrew Stegemann, MEC Community Program Manager.

Through Advocacy and Awareness grants ranging from $1,000 to $15,000, MEC supports important conservation campaigns and initiatives.

Amy Schnurr, Executive Director of BurlingtonGreen states that “Government planning and decision making are influenced by re-election and economic pressures. It becomes contingent on groups like BurlingtonGreen to elevate conservation and environmental issues to ensure they get on and stay on public agendas. Greenprint for the Future will help advance our efforts to raise public awareness and effectively advocate on five key environmental areas:

    Urban green space needs a plan
    Urban trees need to be protected
    Natural habitats should be conserved
    Rural space should be preserved and protected
    Effective transit requires integrated planning

MEC has been a supportive community partner for BurlingtonGreen ever since it opened its doors at 1030 Brant Street in 2008. They have supported our innovative Youth Eco-Summit, Call for the Wild campaign and the annual, city wide Clean Up Green Up event to name a few. “Funding support for Greenprint of the Future provides a rare and timely opportunity for us to advance critical work in the community while strengthening our ability to help the planet locally”, says Paul Haskins, BurlingtonGreen’s Board President.