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BG is Here for You During Physical Distancing

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on 14 April 2020

From all of us here at BurlingtonGreen, we want you to know that we are here for you! 

During these unprecedented times, when we would normally be preparing for our big city-wide clean up and tree planting events, we find ourselves physically distancing as our team members and volunteers work at our homes. Carrying out our critical work to protect nature and to create a cleaner, greener Burlington can't wait. And so, we forge ahead, pivoting our efforts to inform, inspire and empower the community to join us in making a difference in new and rewarding ways. From waste reduction to up-cycling activities and connecting with nature, we are excited to help you take eco-action right now!

We invite you to visit this page often to discover various tips, opportunities and great examples of the Burlington community making a positive difference.

We would love to hear from you and find out about what you would like to see added to our resource page. Please share your thoughts here!

Click here to read Amy's special message for more information on our response to Covid 19 and its effect on our work.

*Please note that your health and safety is of utmost importance to us, please follow the Government of Canada's latest Covid-19 procedures to ensure your personal safety and those around you prior to choosing to participate in any eco-activities or tips shared by BurlingtonGreen.

Click here for a short video to see how BG is adapting during the COVID crisis. Our ongoing efforts remain strongly rooted in ensuring action for the planet continues!

Waste management at home:
  • Waste Diversion At Home: Sorting Common Household Plastic and 13 Eco Tips to Reduce Your Plastic Waste 
    Learn how to sort common household plastics while learning how to reduce your plastic consumption and waste.
    Support a plastic bag free Burlington by signing our petition HERE
    Check out upcycling plastic bag activities HERE
    Register for our DIY Zero Waste Edible Spa Day Workshop on June 4, HERE

connecting with nature at home:
  • Native Plants & Container Gardening with Ryan the Botanist
    Native plants are easy to grow, are an excellent option for container gardening and are essential to our pollinators. Kayla and Ryan the Botanist display how you can encourage biodiversity by creating a simple and easy container garden set-up that is suitable for backyards and balconies. Don't miss these tips!

the future post covid-19:

Once the pandemic is under control, Canada will be facing a deep recession. Another record-breaking stimulus package will be needed to snap the country out of it. There are varying opinions about how to structure the economic recovery package, and many include bold climate action. We have an opportunity to define the shape and contours of Canada’s economy for many years to come. We need a climate stimulus package that puts people first, and spurs job growth in the green economy.

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite insights and opinions on the path ahead:

  • "On the path to recovery: how to “lock in” climate solutions" - TAF
  • "5 Lessons From Coronavirus That Will Help Us Tackle Climate Change" - Time
  • "How our responses to climate change and the coronavirus are linked" - World Economic Forum
  • "New York’s economic relief plan to back ‘rapid transition to clean renewable energy" - PV-Tech

how can i get involved now?
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"When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me,
'Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.'"

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