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BG Youth Network's Cafeteria Waste Audit Results

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on 24 September 2019

BGYN Waste Audit Results

Thank you to the 4 Burlington high schools who conducted the BGYN Cafeteria Waste Audit!

The BurlingtonGreen Youth Network has created a Cafeteria Waste Audit to be conducted in each Burlington high school. The information collected was used to create a ranking of the high schools based on their waste diversion efforts. Now we are celebrating the top three schools and sharing their great example for other schools to follow.

Thank you to Haidi Wu for taking the lead on creating the waste audit.

The top 3 high schools who completed the audit are:

  1. Frank J. Hayden
  2. Aldershot
  3. Robert Bateman

Here are some highlights from the audit results:

FJ Hayden:

  • Hayden has almost all of their cafeteria food in compostable packaging. Wrapping most of their food in paper also makes it simple to sort, with the few small plastic items going into the garbage. 
  • The eco-club is very active in trying to improve their waste footprint, including educating students on waste sorting using a new poster campaign and advocating to ban single-use plastics. 


  • Aldershot serves food in some recyclable containers, including free breakfast for all students served in recyclable bowls
  • The eco-club has been advocating for reusable water bottles

Robert Bateman:

  • Bateman has recyclable drink containers
  • Their eco-club plans on further educating students on waste sorting

Thank you for reflecting on your own waste footprints! We noticed a few common obstacles:

  • Recyclable items being thrown in the garbage due to not enough bins in the cafeteria in convenient locations
  • Other sorting issues due to lack of education
  • Not having compost bins in cafeterias
  • Unnecessary waste coming from plastic cutlery, plastic water bottles and condiments in individual packets.


BGYN Waste AuditConduct the Cafeteria Waste Audit in your high school to be included in the 2019/2020 School Ranking!

How to Conduct the Audit:

Step 1: Download and Print the Audit Worksheet 
Step 2: Conduct the Audit by investigating the waste items in the cafeteria/school
Step 3: Talk to school staff and the school eco-club (if there is one) about what waste reduction efforts are in the works
Step 4: Submit your Audit Results on this Google Form