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Don't get left holding the bag, Burlington! BAGFREEBURLON 3 br tran

Each year BurlingtonGreen organizes a city-wide clean up where residents get outside to clean up their neighbourhoods, school yards and parks. Each year, residents find tons of plastic bags. Bags in trees. Bags buried in dirt. Bags along the shoreline. Bags everywhere!

Not only are plastic bags littering our city, but they are littering our waterways, lakes and oceans. Now we are even seeing plastic ending up inside of wildlife.

We have come to the point, where recycling just isn't cutting it. We need to focus on reducing the amount of single-use plastic out there and we believe that plastic bags are the best place to start. Here's why:

  • Worldwide, over one million plastic bags are used every minute. (EcoWatch)

  • The average time that a plastic bag is used is 12 minutes. (Centre for Biological Diversity)

  • 10,000 metric tonnes of plastic end up in the Great Lakes every year. (Environmental Defence)

  • At current rates of use, by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. (World Economic Forum)

  • Every time you recycle plastic, its quality decreases. Unlike glass or metal, the same piece of plastic can only be recycled 2-3 times before it can no longer be used. (Science History Institute)


Take action against plastic bags now. Here's what you can do:


  1. Sign the Petition and share it with your friends!

  2. Make the commitment to using re-usable bags

  3. Support #bagfreeburlon by sharing on social media

  4. Ask employees and the Manager where you shop to stop providing plastic bags

  5. Let your Councillor know you support a Plastic Bag Ban in Burlington

Help spread the word - #BagFREEBURLON

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