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Help Conduct the BGYN Cafeteria Waste Audit

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on 23 April 2019

BGYN Waste AuditThe BurlingtonGreen Youth Network has created a Cafeteria Waste Audit to be conducted in each Burlington high school. The information collected will be used to create a ranking of the high schools based on their waste diversion efforts. No schools will be shamed, but the top three schools will be celebrated and promoted as a great example for other schools to follow.

Thank you to Haidi Wu for taking the lead on creating the waste audit! 

We are looking for someone from each high school to take a leadership role in conducting the audit. We still need a waste audit champion at the following schools: 

- Notre Dame 
- Nelson
- Assumption 
- Corpus Christi
- Burlington Central

How to Conduct the Audit:

Step 1: Download and Print the Audit Worksheet 
Step 2: Conduct the Audit by investigating the waste items in the cafeteria/school
Step 3: Talk to school staff and the school eco-club (if there is one) about what waste reduction efforts are in the works
Step 4: Submit your Audit Results on this Google Form

If you have any questions about this audit or the BurlingtonGreen Youth Network, please email Sarah.

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BurlingtonGreen is grateful to Burlington Transit and Youthfest Burlington for their generosity in
sponsoring the BurlingtonGreen Youth Network.

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