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Support the World's STRONGEST Triathlon (TREEathlon)!

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Who Am I?

My name is Brandon Rynka, I am a fitness professional and consultant, a writer, speaker and adventure athlete! I'm an athlete who takes on some of the World's Toughest Challenges using the insights through this unique discovery process to educate myself and others on how challenge, self-awareness, embracing discomfort and consistency can create an optimal life for oneself. I do this by sharing my findings through workshops, keynotes and consulting and of course my writing.

What is the world's greatest TRiathlon?

My next adventure challenge will be EPIC!  On Saturday, July 7th, 2019, I will be testing my strength and endurance as I've never done before. Sure I've conquered pretty tough ULTRA MARATHONS and triathlons before but for this WORLD RECORD BREAKING CHALLENGE, I will be biking, swimming and running an Olympic Distance Triathlon (51.6 km) WITH A 105 LB TREE LOG STRAPPED TO MY BACK OR AROUND MY WAIST throughout the journey! I'm doing this for the challenge AND to demonstrate my commitment to doing what I can to help the planet locally! 


Why offer your support?

The health of the planet needs our help more than ever before and by cheering me on with your donation to BurlingtonGreen, you will be supporting the impactful work they do with 100% of the proceeds directed to preserving and growing Burlington's tree canopy, and youth programming right here in the local community. My goal is to raise $5160 - that's $100 for every kilometer I will be sweating it out, giving it my all for this incredible challenge. Donations of all amounts are welcomed and appreciated with online donations of $3 or greater receiving a charitable tax receipt.

Count me in!

Simply complete the form and payment below and you will instantly be a part of this collective ( and fun) effort to cheer me on while your dollars are put to work supporting local impactful grassroots work.

Please note that if the triathlon event has to be canceled for unavoidable reasons, 100% of the donations collected will continue to be directed to BurlingtonGreen tree protection and youth programming efforts. No refunds will be provided. Thank you.