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Current Calls to Action...


At BurlingtonGreen, we want YOU to have your say when it comes to important environmental issues in Burlington. We are always seeking support for a number of different advocacy initiatives, which is why we have created this  'one-stop' page for advocacy-related information and calls to action. We invite you to speak up today and for some helpful advocacy tips, click here.



Please have your say on this most critical issue...

Burlington Climate Action Plan

The City of Burlington has declared a Climate Emergency and they are developing a Climate Action Plan and want YOUR input. Check out BG's input and recommendations we shared with Burlington Council in April and June and PLEASE provide your valued input by contacting the Mayor and Councilors today!  Mark the date for December 2nd where you can delegate to Council in person or submit you valued input. We'll post the City's draft Climate Action Plan when it becomes available.


Burlington 2020 Budget

The Mayor Meed-Ward: "..Many people have made the comment before, you look to a council’s vision not so much in their strategic plan but what they place in terms of their budget."

Please let the Mayor and Burlington Councilors know that you want them to prioritize spending to support a healthier environment that drives action on the climate emergency. They are considering the 2020 budget right now so please check out key dates here and share your valued voice with the Mayor and Councilors today!



The long-awaited city-wide tree protection bylaw issue will be coming before Burlington's Council with a report presented on December 2nd, 2019. BG has been actively advocating on this issue for a decade now. A long journey...and for this final push (hopefully), our declining tree canopy can really use your support.

Contacting the Mayor and City councilors letting them know you support investing in tree protection by advancing a city-wide tree protection bylaw ( along with city-wide education and more tree planting & care) with the resources required is important. Protecting and growing our tree canopy is a critical climate mitigation and adaptation measure here in Burlington and everywhere. And here is the link  to speak at City hall to share your valued voice on this issue.

Here is the October 7, 2019 staff report on the issue and our Executive Director's speaking notes are here.

Please try to register to speak up for the trees and climate mitigation. Even just being in the room is helpful to demonstrate your support for the issue.  Alternatively, send them ALL an email letting them know you support a decision that invests in city-wide tree protection.  Green infrastructure is ESSENTIAL to mitigate climate change and to support a healthy ecosystem.  Somehow $ seems to be 'found', for bricks and mortar initiatives.  It needs to be directed to protect and expand Burlington's tree canopy and local biodiversity.

PROTECT. RESTORE. FUND. For some added inspiration check out this message from Greta Thunberg & George Monbiot:


Together we can do this.

Take action against plastic bags now. Sign the Petition for a plastic bag free Burlington and share it with your friends!


Let's change history together.

BurlingtonGreen was honoured to welcome Dr. David Suzuki to the Burlington stage on November 21, 2017 for a very special dual-component "Connect the Dots" event to engage and inspire more than 1000 people to learn about how Canadians are coming together for the goal of breathing fresh air, drinking clean water, eating safe food and the legal right to enjoy a stable climate as part of the Suzuki Foundation's Blue Dot Movement.

We are joining the nation-wide efforts of our friends at the David Suzuki Foundation to seek to amend the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms to include the right to a healthy environment, so that we can join the 110 countries around the world that already have this right included in their constitutions.

In the lead up to the October 2019 federal election, we have a unique opportunity to make environmental rights a campaign issue and find out which politicians support your legal right to a healthy environment.

Please send an email asking your MP to sign the pledge!



Why do we need planning and regulatory changes?

Sustainability doesn’t just happen. If we want our city’s direction to be towards a “greener” future, we have to have a roadmap in place to get there.

This is a crucial time for Burlington in planning for our future. Our city is in a time of transition as we face the conflicting challenges of build out and population growth. Challenges of intensification, infill practices, habitat destruction, and effective transportation make sustainable planning a high priority.

A number of major city planning documents are currently under development such as Burlington’s Official Plan Review and Transportation Master Plan. It will be Burlington's Mayor and Council that directs, approves, and moves forward with the plans those documents lay out. Thus, it is vital that your valuable input be considered.

Impact tomorrow today. Have your say on the direction your city will take by completing our very brief survey:


It's time to leave fossil-fuels in the groundCapNTrade

In August, 2018, Canada’s Court of Appeals quashed the Federal government’s approval of Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline due to inadequate consultation with First Nations and an insufficient environmental review. Since then, construction on the pipeline has officially come to a halt.

While we applaud the court’s decision, BurlingtonGreen urges the Federal government to prioritize the shift to 100% renewable energy. It’s time to move beyond tar sands and leave climate-wrecking projects like the Trans Mountain pipeline in the past.

Contact your MP and voice your concern over the Federal government’s decision to invest in fossil fuels