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Make the Switch!

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on 17 October 2018

Our Make the Switch program focuses on helping Burlingtonians transition from traditional gas vehicles and home heating systems to electric / hybrid vehicles, public transit and active transportation options ( cycling and walking) and heat pumps. Helpful Make the Switch information is available below as well as at various community events where BurlingtonGreen is in attendance.  Make the change. Save money. Go Green! 

Check out our other Make the Switch videos further below!


Calling all Burlington residents! How do you get around? How would you like to? Let us know how you travel in our survey.

BurlingtonGreen graciously thanks our Community Champion sponsor Nuvo Network:
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Notice: Unfortunately the Province of Ontario has cancelled the Green Ontario Fund and the electric vehicle incentive program, thus some of the content provided in our Make the Switch online and print materials is no longer accurate. 

Click here to Get Pumped! Make the switch to an energy efficient Heat Pump

See also the Union Gas web site, and more to come from IESO and the Ontario Climate Change Action Plan.